Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jaime's Den - Manet Uncut

While AS Director's Cut is rolling out, Jaime gave us her Manet Uncut. They are so beautiful, Jaime, thank you so much for these artistic work.

Did our prince come into my mind while I was in Paris and Amsterdam? Remotely but surely, in the back of my mind though. Then the last day in Belgium, a familiar melody played in my mind, took me a while to recall what it was, guess after a few minutes of googling in my head, finally realized that it was the theme song of "Barefoot Youth", which I had 3 episodes yet to finish before I left for the trip. I still have not finished it yet - Haven't turned on the TV since I came back for a week. But I never forget to turn on this PC. Look what I've got here, such a wonderful treat. I love the first picture in this Manet Uncut, the color matching is perfect! And oh, my favorite Sympathy sunglasses photo of him, handsome! Actually I have to admit YJ is a king of eyeball pulling. He is shining in every picture, then Jaime did a nice job augmenting his beauty with Manet's harmanic drawings.


Along the way of creating the Manet artworks, there are certain ones which did not make it into the series. Since every picture of our dear Yong Joon is precious and like a treasure to savour on, so I’ll post them here and call it (haha, what else?) ‘Manet Uncut’, you’ll be the judge …..


bb said...

hey H,
welcome back to the world of bae-bloggin' :)

mrs a said...

mmmm...great minds think alike - huh?
I too love and mesmerized over the first one! What is it about tan on him that drives me crazy? hahaha Oh and where he is looking at those legs - I think they are mine...well, okay maybe i edited the pics like samsoon did on her resume...hahaha

glad you are back. Love the pics!

Time goes by so fast - hard to keep up.

surya said...

Hi H!!
Have to remind self to breathe. Really, he is too too much.You know what he makes me want to do? (OY get your mind out of the gutter he hehe!) - I'd really like to have a nice serious conversation with this person. Dreammmmmmmming. Anyways thanks for the pics and nice blog!!