Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jaime's Den - What's With the Hair

She posted this on Quilt, but again!!! I can't see postings on Quilt any more. Thank goodness she sent a copy to me. Ah, another humorous piece. What do you think of his recent hairdo as a warrior in TWSSG, Jaime? That looks like an easy do-it-yourself job, yes? no? I just cut my hair short two weeks ago, hubby called me "self-destructing", suggested me to get help from a barber. My options are very few, can't try any of these fancy hair styles. It's all yours Jaime!


Dear sisters ……. What do you think of our prince’s recent evolvement in his hair style? Here’re my thoughts to share with you, hope you’ll enjoy …..

The first time I laid eyes on our gorgeous prince in Winter Sonata, besides that ‘out-to-kill’ sunshine smile, was that ‘out-to-shock’ golden hair that caught my attention. What a glorious combination of an ultra-handsome modern man living in an ultra-romantic fantasy! I was so totally electrified that if you plug the socket of your microwave oven into my ears, I can probably help you to defrost your steak (Asian sister, please use your AC adapter, we use 125 volts here in Canada). Determined to live in my prince’s image even though it’s already 4 years after the fact (never mind, we Canadians are not known to be fashionistas anyway. I heard my Canadian sisters protesting, ‘speak for yourself!’), so without wasting another second, I frantically summoned my ‘favourite’ hairstylist. You see, my hairstylist is the type who scouts the latest trend around the world, then eagerly want to experiment it on his customer’s (I mean, victim’s) hair. Being a ‘self-respecting’ woman living a simple life, I try to voice out that I have absolutely no desire to look like a ‘gel-up, make-up’ runway model in a John Galliano’s fashion show donning those asymmetrical puffed up hairdo (maybe another time, another life, but definitely not now). But at the end, Mr. Trendsetter always prevails, I usually let him win. Hey, I’m not dumb, after all he’s the guy who is holding the scissors up there. I don’t want to risk turning my haircutting session into an ‘open face surgery’!

But this time is different, with my powerful prince behind me, I was pretty adamant that MinHyung’s hair IS my hair. He had no choice but to succumb to my demand and fussed on my hair with a pouting face the whole time. I specifically instructed him on the cutting technique, blow drying angle, what base colour, how much highlight and where exactly I want it (I could have easily shown him MinHyung’s picture but I was afraid he’d laugh at me all the way to the washing basin). Have you ever wondered what mysterious ‘magic’ mist those stylists spray on your hair and somehow randomly fluff a few strands up here and there, and wala, you look so Hollywood-glamourous at that instant but you can never re-create it again at home?

I was one satisfied customer this time and proudly strode out of the salon, through the busy shopping malls and into the parking lot. Along the way, I couldn’t help but noticed everybody was staring at me, some even turned their heads around to look. I was smiling to myself and feeling totally gratified with the attention I was getting! I got into my car and decided to flip down my vanity mirror to admire myself one more time. ‘Holy baloney! Who sticks a picture of Lion King on my mirror?!’ I rubbed my eyes, touched the mirror and looked closely again, MY GOSH, that’s NO ‘Lion King’, that’s MEEEEEEE! My golden brown hair was sticking up and out in all directions like a lion with a GIGANTIC mane. Those passersby were NOT admiring me, they thought a half human/half beast maniac has just escaped from Prehistoric Jurassic Park! I felt like taking my head off and stashed it in the back seat while driving all the way home. I swear I will never go back to that hair guy again (btw, I’ve also said it at least 20 times before) and next time instead of giving him 20 percent tips, I will take the ‘0’ and ‘per’ out and only leave him with 2 cents (and that should give him the message)!

A few months has passed, both my hair and shattered self-esteem has slowly restored to its normalcy when our prince revealed himself again attending the wedding of SSH’s manager. This time the ultra-handsome man donned a long hairdo tied loosely and casually at the back in a pony tail. Remember his Korean fans joked in the AS screening that Yong Joon should have more ‘dirty thoughts’ so his hair could grow faster? I was just so glad that my hair has caught up to his length so quickly even though I SWEAR my thoughts are totally clean and pure when I am NOT thinking about him (well, it’s another story when I do think of him ~@@~). For the next 5 hours, this silly woman was standing in front of the bathroom mirror extending her poor arthritic arms and hands up to tie those hair at just the right looseness and length, running between the bathroom and computer to verify that ‘easy and breezy’ look. My effort finally paid off, for the next few months, yours truly was also donning this exact same ponytail as my prince. (Please don’t laugh at me, my heart really feels very warm and close to him knowing we are wearing the same hairstyle!)

Then the new summer Lotte pictures showed a slight variation by introducing curly waves to my prince’s hair. That may sound easy enough, after all it’s just curling a few strands of hair using the hot iron right? WRONG!!! Do you have any idea the torture ‘a night owl’ like me experience by dragging myself out of bed in the morning even 1 minute before the absolute latest wake up time?! Let me tell you, that degree of torture is equivalent to actually putting 10 burning hot curling irons directly on my hands, feet and forehead! But to ensure I resemble the Asian Goldilocks, I had to set my alarm clock half an hour earlier every morning to curl my hair now. Aye, the sacrifice I have to make for you my prince!

Wow, when the latest Lotte pictures came out a few days ago, the prince once again shocked me with this ‘gender-blender’ hairstyle, I was literally at a loss of words. His face still looks heavenly gorgeous, but WHAT’S WITH THE HAIR? Who doesn’t look ridiculous walking in an average crowd wearing a hairdo like that? How much disguise does a girl have to wear on her face so as not to be recognized? I know I know, you say ‘Who told you to copy the same style as our prince?’. But you see, it’s my destiny already, some fans carry his pictures, some wear his T-shirt, I just wear his hair! I can’t speak about other actors or actresses, but Yong Joon’s facial features are so beautiful and delicate, only he can carry a hairdo like this and still manage to radiate a princely, refined and sultry air. Now my big question is how do I achieve that look? Is this one of those styles that you have to hang your head up side down to dry, then tease the hair high at the top and back? Isn’t that similar to the lion mane that I’ve just recovered from a few months ago? Looks like I’ll have to crawl back to Mr. Trendsetter and beg him to try this one for me too (hopefully he has amnesia since my last visit and our professional ‘stylist-client’ relationship can blossom again, amen)!


jaime said...

haha h, your husband is so funny! He called you 'self-destructing' and you let him live?! Just kidding.

h, after living for so many xx years, I think we ladies know a thing or two about what we want and what works for us in hair style now. I learn my lesson painfully, now I always schedule my appointment at least 1 month before any big event or a trip so any mistake will not be that obvious. h, short hair has plenty of variations too. Look at Yong Joon's hair right after US - the layered, fluff-up look, I love it!

Anyway, it's just my silly ramblings again! Thanks h for posting.

P.S. wonder why you can't see any post in Quilt, have you looked into it? You were able to do it before, right? Does it have something to do with your log on? I recently encountered a problem in Quilt too (it's a program error), but I've found a way to get around it.

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Jaime,

I am used to his teasing, actually I told him that I am glad to be of amesement to him through these xx number of years of marriage. That's how we keep ourselves young at heart, we find little funny things in daily life and laugh hard at them. And plus, I told him, " no matter how bad the hair style is, my gifted image just won't be hurt in any way, see my male colleagues just praised my new home-made hair style :-) now what do you say about that? " heehee...

I have strange experience with Quilt, got pretty burned on it. Thanks for asking and trying to help. Hopefully one day I am knowledgeable enough to fix it. Now I just rely on bb and you and all our blogging girls information sharing.


mrs a said...

you all are so funny and I needed that. Thank you. It seems I can always come to this blog and get a barrel of laughs.
Wow - I am still picturing that half human and half lioness who escaped from Jurassic Park! hahaha

You are one brave soul to copy his hair styles but will you brave it if and when he shaves it all off or goes bald? Just a thought?

Love you both!

jaime said...

dear h and mrs a,

hahaha, are you daring me, mrs a? I may be love-struck, but I am not out of my mind yet. I just can't imagine him being bald? If he does becomes bald, I'm sure the headlines will say 'Bald : Sexiness Redefined'! Great news for all the bald men around the world.

h, I'm sure your short hair style looks nice. See? even being admired by your male colleagues! You and your hubby got the right attitude! Joking and teasing each other is a great way to keep the marriage alive and fun.

Yeah, the mystery of Quilt continues.....

mrs a said...

A bald BaeYongJoon - well know - that would be another blog we could write about-his sexy head! I have seen some men who are extremely handsome and are baldheaded.

Jaime - not daring you but was wondering? Then you would always know what it looks like, huh?

heippieh - I bet your cut is darling! My husband is like that too. We kid alot. Hard to believe we have been married so long. I think it was back in the cave days..haha

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs. A and Jaime,

That thought of "bald BYJ" is very brave, very testing. I don't think I dare to think down that path. I wish he takes care of his hair and does not mess it with too much chemicals etc. Personally I am very sensitive to the chemicals they use in the salon. I am allergic. BYJ has very strong healthy hair, and he has a lot of them! I don't know what good things he does not have!

As for my cut, i was totally kidding, this summer was so hot, i just periodically cut my long hairs shorter and shorter until it is just touching the shoulder, which looks pretty awkward, i am seriously considering a salon visit to fix it with some style. but it's gonna be a borig style, won't be as fancy as any of yong joon's, or Jaime's. HeeHee...