Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Favorite Damdeok Wrath Scenes

Thought of writing down something over the weekend but time just passed with all kinds of "necessary" work at home, but not much seemed to be accomplished. Since woke up a bit early than usual, thought might be good to transfer some of my mind on TWSSG to this post.
Thank goodness for HRH to give us so many of his gracious precious appearances in a reasonably long drama. TWSSG presented so many of his looks and gestures and voices for us to study for the rest of the years before he gives us another new work.

Remember I was longing for his serious looks? I love love love his smiles, but I also missed his serious looks, since I believe when he is not smiling, he looks more manly. And when he is showing his anger, he looks more sexy.

There are about 5 places in this drama I can remember his outbursts. If I watched the drama a tad more times, I may find out more of Damdeok exploded in anger. So far I remembered 5 and the first 3 of these 5 wraths are my favorites.

1. Damdeok visited his father's tomb, learned from High Priestess that Kiha was the one who killed his father. He trusted Kiha so much, but High Priestess who has cared for him like a mother, and her witness prove to him that Kiha indeed was the "murderer", imagine how disappointed, angry he would be to Kiha and to himself! This was the first time Damdeok burst out in wrath. His angry roar was soooo soooo sexy. The action of throwing the sword and hit the marble pillar was mighty powerful.

2. Damdeok Taewang came back to the royal city in victory, but had to meet Kiha the new High Priestess in the Temple alone. The conversation between the two ex-lovers was a total disaster. The misunderstandings caused both to suppress their heartbreaking emotions and memories in the past, rather the words they spoke out to each other were quite hurting. The relationship was ended, Damdeok decided. At that moment, without a voice, the young king's suffocated fury was exploded by swinging his sword splitting off the golden string. No one can play this scene better than HRH. Now you got a taste of how he would look like when you break his heart. So don't do that!

3. In Episode 17, the ministers were surprised that Taewang treated them like loyal subordinates even after they were trying to kill him in the past. One of the ministers, seeing Taewang giving away the sacred symbols to the Hwachuan Leader, hoping to exchange for the minister's lives, he remorsed on his disloyal to the king and killed himself in front of Taewang. While Damdeok and everyone else were in shock, the second minister followed up, trying to do the same thing, in order not to burden the king with their unworthy lives. Taewang could not stand this any more, he burst out a mighty "NO!!! WAIT" and charge to the evil Hwachuan Leader! Wow, how much do I wish I could post the video clip of this raging outbreak, HRH's mighty roar was soooo MANLY!

4. Angry with General Gao for blocking him to rescue the two "dummies" Juno leader and Joomichi.

5. Angry with Gomul village folk not knowing where Sujini disappeared herself.

Er Er, I feel like I am this Gomul disciple - hold on, hold on your Highness, you are getting too emotional for this girl Sujini, sorry we did not know you want her so much! Easy, Easy! So HRH, we hope you'll find your sweetheart and never loose her.

Guess what, after screen captured and reviewed these raging HRH pictures, I really really really really miss his smiles. At this moment, my mind is locked on this cute picture of the young Damdeok on the palace wall with a smile that is such a rich charming mixture of childish, shy, mischievous, pure and more ...

HRH is such a sunshine! Do you like this smile better or Mona Lisa's? Tough question, eh? Being a simpleton, I answered without a blink, HRH's smile always makes me smile, of course I like this lively one better! I vote this the best smile of Damdeok in TWSSG.


Anonymous said...

Dear h

How come you have exactly the same tastes as mine? That's why I like you so much, I think.

Yes, yes, yes when he burst out in anger, he is so cute, really lovely, I love, love, love, love...
so much and beyond my expression.
My favorite was #4, then #1 and then #2 or #2 then #1, in that order but not sure the exact order, sooooooo beautiful and lovely, lovelier than his gorgeous smile.

I would like to learn how to make GIF, so I can capture #4.

Oh, how can I not love him? How can I not be crazy about him?

Thank you for your good posting and it's good for you too for your record keeping.

I remember watching him angry at FL hitting the bathrm wall before soking his face in the water and also walking out of his house when his father came home after he got fired from the theater. I kept those captured pics as my PC background for a long time.

I see many many gorgeous pics of him in TWSSG to keep and watch over and over and over.

I have never ever never seen anyone so incredibly my liking in my life and never will find anyone like him.

Again, I think his mother is the most blessed woman in the world.


jaime said...

hehe h,

most people look very ugly when they are angry, how come he still looks so handsome? I remember the first 3 scenes that you brought up, you can feel the pain and anger in his heart. Boy, he's such a great actor!

Thanks for sharing these great moments with us once again. I love your posts, so interesting!

love .. jaime

HeippieH said...

Dear byjglobal,

Great minds think alike. We have never met, but we have the same taste and understanding of this fine young man BYJ, that's how we all come together, because we share the same value. I remember vividly that you particularly share the same feelings about HWRL as I do, I am so thankful to BYJ that he made us friends.

Interesting that you mentioned FirstLove, that is one of my most favorite dramas, along with WLS, Hotelier, HWRL. It is worth a few postings in the future. I love those wrath scenes as well. I think BYJ himself is more close to the personality of Chanyu.

As for how to capture from the DVD, I use GOMPlayer. You can download from the internet free. Try this website : . For me, I really want to learn how to make a clip of a few seconds out of the TWSSG VOD so that I can show our king in action.

As you know, I admire bae mom so much, as you heard me before, I am probably more curious about her than HRH.

Love and hugs

HeippieH said...

Hey my dear Jaime, you are right, he looked so powerful in these wrath scenes, not ugly at all. These screen-caps did not do him justice. I want to learn how to cut a clip from the VOD, if you know how, please teach me. I think the clip will show his power better than still pictures.

How is life in Tokyo? Must be very interesting. As you said, everyday there is a new challenge and new discovery, feels like living a more adventurous life?

Please take care and love as always ...