Thursday, January 03, 2008

Impressions of MBC Award Ceremony

Finally watched the 2007 MBC Drama Award Ceremony, of course I watched it just for BYJ. Got some random thoughts:

1. BYJ is the most dazzling man dropped from heaven into the crowd, wondering if the heaven is fair at all. No wonder there are so many people jealous about him. I started to feel that, how come every good thing falls on this one man, handsome, tall, elegant, bright, shrewd, diplomatic, humorous, humble yet dignified, gentle yet strong, Y, Y, Y, it's not fair!!! (pfff...)

2. As HRH advised Phillip Lee - working in entertainment biz world is a very hard job. You have to be patient to let people flash shots on your body, you have to maintain a good smile all the time, ever mindful that there is a camera focusing on you, you have to answer all kinds of questions, some are quite annoying, like "when are you going to get married". why? And worst of all, IMHO, as an actor you have to do some scenes you dislike, and you are made to believe that these scenes are necessary to the project. You have to kiss whoever you are supposed to be kissing, and you have to hug whoever you are told to hug. You have to tolerate people to "inquire" your body parts and have fun with them. But since this is your choice of caree, we know you are strong yong joon ssi, hang in there, I'd be glad to cheer for you and support you for whatever you decide to do.

3. Why was there not the music award? The TWSSG musics are so beautiful. Joe Hisaishi deserves the music award.

4. Where was Song Jina, despite the rumors and controversies, I respect her ability as a scriptwriter. Was there an award for scriptwriter?

5. Masters of 3 sacred symbols accompanied the king at the ceremony, where was Joomuchi? Cheoro (Phillip Lee) was the most helpful, almost like in the drama, he is always around to assist our king.

6. EJA did not show too much smiling that night, was she too serious, or too nervous, or just not in a party mood? It is so obvious that she is a smart girl, may be too smart, remember men are usually scared by the smart girl like what she appeared to be. Well BYJ is smarter to hire EJA in BOF.

7. BYJ's smile can brighten and soften so many women's heart. Yet sometimes when he is serious, I would imagine some girls would be afraid of him. His power is ever growing, he seemed to be very strict about what and how things should be done, appears to be a very demanding boss. It is obvious that he is not someone who can be easily accessed if he decides so. Was EJA afraid of him? He seems to set up an invisible wall around him to certain actresses whom he worked with. EJA, SYA, JDY, are you one of them?

8. I expected the MBC Drama Award Ceremony to be a bit more entertaining than just handing out trophies one after another.

9. Damdeok was handsome in TWSSG, but BYJ is more handsome and charming at the award ceremony. He appeared to be much younger, what did his mother feed him at home? How did he maintain his beauty and youth at the age of 35, he looks at least 10 years younger.

10. Phillip Lee seems to be a nice young man, wish one day he gets some awards, work hard young fella.

11. I do not like entertainment world. I would never be interested in working in it or to watch any award ceremony of such kind. I would never spend a second on any voting polls of such kind. But just for you BYJ, just for you my pal. I did my contribution of clicking the buttons whereever your picture appears. I am happy for your achievement. You deserve it!



MYMY said...

hi hi h!
about the mbc being boring...
heard that kbs already called the great singers and dancers thats why its just that 2 cute child actors... :(
thanks for the posts^^

HeippieH said...

Hi mymy, tho they called all the great signers and dancers, the MBC still got the highest viewing rate because of YJ's presence. The power of HRH!