Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jaime's Den - In Search of the King III

Now that we have to spend the next 10 hours cruising together, I decide to get acquainted with my yak-ky thing – under those sharp curved horns, actually lies a gentle face with droopy eyes. Its thick brown hair extends all the way to the ground just like a long fringe skirt, perfect for sweeping fallen autumn leaves in my garden. Haha, if it behaves, maybe I’ll consider adopting it home! The problem is it seems that any sorts of flying insects and creepy-crawlies that possess more than 2 legs are invited to converge on Mr. Flea-bag for a party. I start flapping its bushy pom-pom tail like a flyswat and viola, it’s working like a charm!

My heart is blooming like spring flowers as I admire the serene natural beauty of the snow-capped mountains thinking about Yong Joon’s princely appearance. Yakky and I are wandering in the wilderness aimlessly with no other human beings in sight. The scorching sun and the swaying motion are making me sleepy. I don’t know what kind of Navigation System yakky has registered itself with (maybe the REINDEER channel?), it sure doesn’t seem to be taking me anywhere near our King. By nightfall, total darkness descends and howling winds add to the eeriness as I am getting cold and frightened. Should I even entertain Mr. Upside-down-flowerpot’s suggestion of burning yakky’s dung to keep myself warm?? “No no no no NO! …….. burning scented candle is one thing, burning yak dung’s totally something else! There’s got to be a better way out than resorting to this!”

I start to think about the warm sunny smile and big strong arms of Yong Joon, and my heart is filled with hope and strength. Suddenly from afar, I vaguely hear the soothing sound of gentle waves and spot glimpses of burning lights. Can this be where our smiling Yong Joon is? My heart starts racing as blood (and hope) rushes back to my heart and every body parts. This is it, you made it, yakky! Oh, I’d better make myself look decent and smell pretty when I see the gorgeous King. I start scrambling for my favourite perfume and sprinkle all over myself. Oh my gosh! My yak-ky smells like it hasn’t taken a bath for 10 years! Well, I figure while I am at it, I might as well sprinkle my precious Eau de Parfum on yakky from its head to tail. We Bae sisters (well, Bae yaks too) share, right? All of a sudden, yakky emits a loud grunt and before I know what happens, I am thrown up in mid air! I let out a loud shriek and land flat on the ground, still clutching to Yong Joon’s gorgeous picture …….

When I regain consciousness, I hear the sweetest language ringing into my ears - Korean! I moan to myself, “I’ve arrived, I’ve finally arrived!” I ask these familiar looking Korean faces where I can see the sweet handsome Yong Joon. They reply, “Well, where else? Korea! You didn’t read the news? Yong Joon-ssi worries too much about the safety of his family and decides not to shoot in Kyrgyzstan after all! All his family has turned back and gone to Jejudo now. Ahhhh ….. you’re from that Siberian no man’s land in Canada, To-Ron-To, right? Maybe your travel agent didn’t warn you??” ..…. Dear sisters, I’d better stop here as you don’t want to know what state of hysteria I am in after this ……..

Disclaimer : This story is entirely fictitious and I do not mean any disrespect for the good-natured Kyrgyz or gentle yaks (for that matter). I am further instructed by the Kyrgyzstan government that I am never to be within 30 feet of a yak in fear of me causing any more trauma to this tame and sweet species.

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