Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jaime's Den - In Search of the King I

Jaime posted this on Quilt and sent it to me, oh, weeks ago, what have I done to post it so late? Whatever excuses they are, don't bother, let's enjoy Jaime's humor and creative writing once more ...


In Search of the King - into Kyrgyzstan??

As soon as I read that Yong Joon might be shooting in Kyrgyzstan, without wasting a single milli-second, I make a world record 10-meter dash to my closest phone and book myself the next flight out :

* My travel agent’s first response is, “Huh, Ky what?”

** I raise my volume and repeat patiently, “KY-R-GYZ-STAN!”

* She gets a bit annoyed, “Yeah yeah, I hear you, I’m not deaf, you know! Now, what is it? a city? a country? or a PLANET??”

(Normally I would have given her a lecture on “Told you to study the maps more often instead of wasting your time daydreaming about those hunky Korean actors, of course, unless if it’s wuri Yong Joon!”)

** But I bite my tongue this time, “Very funny, lady! Now, are you ready to book that ticket for me or do I have to wait until the NEXT CENTURY to go?”

* For someone who hates my guts, she sounds a bit concerned, “Are you sure you can handle this trip? After all, this ain’t exactly sipping high tea at the Ritz in London or savouring palace cuisine at Gosireh with Yonsama, you know?”

** I confidently dismiss her, “Don’t you worry, if I could manoeuvre my way inside the maze of winding laneways and smelly canals in Piazza San Marco of Venice, survived weaving in and out of rush-hour cabbies in downtown Manhattan AND emerged with my arms and legs intact out of a Tokyo Subway train after being packed like a sardine, this lady can handle anything!”

So my trip is set and off to Kyrgyzstan I go to search for wuri King Charming! (Does my obnoxious travel agent know something I don’t know??)

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