Thursday, November 22, 2007

About BYJ as Korea's National Treasure

This is my journal dedicated to a person who has a special impact in my life - BYJ. I am happy that there are people who share the same interests come here to have some fun. It is nice to have communications with the people having the common values and interests, not necessarily agreeing with each other in every nitty point, but through conversing with common love, we found joy in life, this is the main purpose of this blog.

Somehow there is one (or a couple) Anonymous reader being angry with Fumi-san and also disagreeing about BYJ being regarded as "national treasure" of Korea. This all came from a Fumi-san's letter I posted after knowing about BYJ's neck injury during performance in TWSSG. Click here for the posting and the comments. I would like to repost my reply to the comments made by the second Anonymous, to express my take on the "national treasure" issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm BYJ fan. I'm a not Korean, but my korean friends told me that, in Korea they cconsider Lee Yong Ae and Jang Dong Gun as national treasures. They're both awarded Best Actor/Actress awards in the Blue Dragon Film Festival. CNN talk Asia did an interview on Jang Dong Gun and ABC broadcasting in America will air a special program on him as well. JDG does movie. I'm into drama not movie, so I don't know how good he is as an actor. But I watched one of Lee Young Ae's 'Dae Jang Geum", and she was good. Anyway, yeah that's the subject of national treasure.

H replied:

Hello the second Anonymous,

So besides Fumi-san, you want to talk about another subject - national treasure.

I do not care whether you are Korean or not, further more I do not care whether you are BYJ fan or not, so you do not need to declare those to me. To me everything about BYJ is universal, and everyone who comes here is because of BYJ.

As I said and I'll keep saying this, I am spending my time here is because of the virtues of this special person BYJ. I do not have time for any other actor/actress just because they have good skills in there professions or win so many awards. But on the other hands, BYJ does have good skills in his profession and he did win many awards including Blue Dragon. Yet his achievements are way beyond these earthly measurements. Please study more of BYJ's mind in the future if you really care.

One way of studying his mind is by reading his own words and evaluating the drama/movie works he has selected to perform. He is a very prudent person in choosing his words and works, that is why he has fewer works than most of the other actors and actresses, but that also reveals to us that the morals in those carefully selected works reflected the values that he agrees with. So again if you really care, please watch the drama Have We Really Loved, which he risked his career to insist on playing. And because of this action, he is my treasure in this world. (I would reword it here - because of this action, he became my treasure in this world and continues to be more and more of a unique treasure as I know him more through his new works and activities.)

As for national treasure for Korea, this "title" was given by its own people, if they want to pick JDK, why didn't they select him to be in the Hallyu Expo along with LYA. The Korean people chose BYJ and LYA, that said something about the national treasure. After all, BYJ is a treasure that exists in this world and in that country, it is up to the individuals to discover and value him.

Since I started talking, let me share my opinion on the actor and the actress you mentioned. Thanks to BYJ, I got to know something about Korea and Korean entertainers. With the limited time I have, I got to watch 2 works by LYA ("Papa" and "Dae Jang Geum"), and 2 works by JDG (drama "Fall in Love with the Hostess" 爱上女主播, and movie "Wu Ji" 无极). LYA is an excellent actress, she is pretty and have good performing skills. She is shrewd in selecting the drama "dae Jang Geum", even though she looked a bit old performing Jang Geum in her young age. As for JDG, although "Fall in Love with the Hostess" was an acclaimed drama, I do not fancy it, and JDG is just another supposedly attractive male in the romance, I could not find any special sparks about him. The hardest part is watching him playing in Wuji, I felt sorry for him in picking this disgracing work to play, I concluded that this actor might have the skills but definitely not the vision. I could not finish WuJi and that's the end of my time spent on JDG as well. After all, no matter what the world is saying, there is only ONE man I care to spend time on in the whole wide entertainment world, that is BYJ, his own country should be proud of him.

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Anonymous said...

stop treating byj as if he's the best thing ever happened on earth...yucksss...i just can't stand the guy...

jang dong gun is wayyyyyyy better in every sense of words...luv ya jdg!!!!