Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fumi's Letter To TWSSG PD Kim Jonghak

In the Bae world, everyone knows Fumi-san, the special die-hard BYJ fan. He regularly writes his analysis about wuri yong joon and his works, offered invaluable information and joy to bae fans around the world. Today Nov. 17, 2007, he wrote a letter to TWSSG Director Kim Jonghak after YJ's severe injuy during episode 17 shootings. It was posted on JOB and translated into English by Myonne and posted on Quilt. It very much said what I wanted to say, so here is a record of it:

(Trans.) From JOB No.78737: Mr.fumi's letter to Dir. Kim Jonghak nim

Mr. fumi put several postings on JOB abt. YJ's injury.
This is one of them. (fumi-san, i transed this w/o ur permisson. pls contact
if you mind, I'll delute. m(..)m

From JOB: Mr.fumi’s letter to Director Kim Jonghak nim

Title: Please read, Dir. Kim Jonghak nim!

Contirbutor: fumi-san

Date:2007/11/17 14:01:01


(First of all, to everyone : If it turns out to be all okay with Yongjoon’s health and he gets well after all, I don’t care if you say anything to me or about me. This time I want to do what I can do as a member of YJ family. My thought may be wrong, but if Yongjoon’s body has no more problem at all, let my matter be to anywhere. It is a matter of course.)

Dear Kim Jonghak nim, this is a letter to you. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? I, a Korean, am asking you on this board of JOB.

I am not sure you know it or not, but I am a man of Bae Yongjoon’s family by HN fumi who is known to YJ’s world family. I am a middle-aged man, a little younger than you. My wife had been a staff of MBC since 1980’s (though she doesn’t work at present), and she had a number of chances to work with you. When you worked for MBC, I met you several times. Well, it was already some time before woori Bae Yongjoon made his debut.

I know you read neither HP nor e-mails. I heard one of your old friends who is now in U.S.A. says he cannot contact you. Therefore, I think if I write to you here in JOB, I might be able to reach you.

What I want to ask you now is please postpone your shootings for only 10 days. Otherwise, I would like you to curtail Yongjoon’s scenes as much as possible, and to try to use his stunt man as often as possible. ---In anyway, I want to ask you to take top priority to and think about the actor Bae Yongjoon’s physical condition and health.

As for the accident this time, there was a cause in little rehearsal and insufficient safe measures to be taken. I well know it was not your responsibility. As you know, there heard many voices which want the filming to be postponed.

If it should be 100% guaranteed that woori Yongjoon will never have aftereffects of this injury, it would be okay if you continue shooting. If so, Yongjoon has to endure his pains, but if thus it can be guaranteed 100% that he will have no aftereffects, it might be another story woori Yongjoon family could barely endure. It is a kind of judgment which professional doctors should do, isn’t it?

In case Kim Jonghak nim, you continue shooting under your judgment, and if there is any possibility of aftereffects left, even if a little, you should postpone the shooting and should do all the judgments primarily on the physical condition of woori Yongjoon who is an essential existence for our Korea.

Whatever conclusion you may come to, by giving the first priority to Yongjoon’s physical condition, Yongjoon fans all over the world will support you positively enough. I think, under these various conditions, it will be better for you to suspend the shooting for a little while, or to create circumstances for Yongjoon to have a good rest, so as to reconsider the further formation of TWSSG. In case you postpone the regular broadcasts, you can offer various make-up programs such as extra version, highlights, TWSSG special, etc. And if you tell them to, MBC will understand it. Please do not entrust this judgment to Yongjoon. As far as his physical condition is concerned, do not believe what he says. I think Yongjoon is considerably ill-conditioned.

Bae Yongjoon is an important person, far more times important than TWSSG. Not only for the global Yongjoon family, but also for Korea, Yongjoon himself is far more important than TWSSG. Anyway, there is a little more shooting left, but in the final judgment, you should take top priority to Yongjoon’s health, and you should decide yourself. I think you yourself should judge everything of Yongjoon’s physical conditions, and his future health.

If you judge any alterations of program formation based on top priority to Yongjoon’s physical condition, our world Yongjoon’s fans will powerfully support you. In case you continue shooting, please be sure to confirm there will be no aftereffects. If there is no aftereffect leftt, it will be barely okay. Please never fail to make it sure. I would like to ask you for it, again. It is a principle for the broadcast industry to protect actors’ health. I am afraid to say that this principle hasn’t been made much of so far in Korea. Isn’t it your role to confirm such a principle? Under present circumstances, you should be able to persuade MBC. Please judge and decide by yourself in order to protect our Korean treasure. Whatever kind of judgment I will leave to you, but please make it sure that there will be no aftereffects left. I ask you for immediate judgment, please, and please again. Thank you in advance.


gosijo said...

Dear H,

Wow! So many new posts!

I have been thinking very much like you in terms of the Dam Deok role: he is absolutely wonderful in it and he's more beautiful than ever. I love how visionary and compassionate the King's leadership is. This fits so well with our understanding of what motivates our dear Yong Joon. I find it very inspiring in my daily life.

Thank you for posting Myonne's the translation of Mr. Fumi's letter. I think there are some god points in it but I think it ignores the full picture to some extent as it focusses on just one person.

I love how it refers to our YJ as a national treasure, though, and how you renamed him a world treasure!

Anonymous said...

This Fumi guy is full of Bull shit. I'm a Korean too. He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's not even coherent and he's making things up.

Anonymous said...

I'm BYJ fan. I'm a not Korean, but my korean friends told me that, in Korea they cconsider Lee Yong Ae and Jang Dong Gun as national treasures. They're both awarded Best Actor/Actress awards in the Blue Dragon Film Festival. CNN talk Asia did an interview on Jang Dong Gun and ABC broadcasting in America will air a special program on him as well. JDG does movie. I'm into drama not movie, so I don't know how good he is as an actor. But I watched one of Lee Young Ae's 'Dae Jang Geum", and she was good. Anyway, yeah that's the subject of national treasure.

HeippieH said...

Dear gosijo,

Sorry for MIA, haven't visit this corner for quite a while. Thanksgiving is coming, it's so much relief for me. So you like TWSSG and Dam Duk BYJ. Wait until you see the episodes after 15, especially episodes 17, he is truly a beautiful king, words are not enough to describe his beauty. Each time I see our HRH's yet another beautiful look and performance, I just thank goodness that I am so fortunate to get to know such a person in my life. And I thank goodness for having sisters like you in my life because of him. Love!

HeippieH said...

Hello the first Anonymous,

It sounded like you know what you are talking about. From the language you used in that comment that you took so much time and effort to express, I can read the content of your mind - not that pretty! I wonder if you do have so much time to trace the life of BYJ, have you noticed that BYJ always does his best to bring joy and positive impact to people around him, he has never made any negative comment about anyone or anything.

Not for just a good looking actor, but for his virtues, I am here to support BYJ. Fumi-san is another fan of him who cares about BYJ's well-being, for whatever and how much Fumi and we can possibly know about BYJ, we are here to support him in various ways. His letter expressed his sincere concerns and his personal suggestions for a solution out of BYJ's injury. I do not expect everyone agrees with his proposal, but I expect any caring person respects his effort since it's out of a loving heart. Therefore, I do not accept your rudeness and humiliation towards Fumi-san. I do not understand where your anger was coming from, but please in the future, watch out the choice of words because they do reflect your quality of mind, and I feel sorry for your lack of dignity. Please learn more from BYJ as you travel on this journey with him.

HeippieH said...

Hello the second Anonymous,

So besides Fumi-san, you want to talk about another subject - national treasure.

I do not care whether you are Korean or not, further more I do not care whether you are BYJ fan or not, so you do not need to declare those to me. To me everything about BYJ is universal, and everyone who comes here is because of BYJ.

As I said and I'll keep saying this, I am spending my time here is because of the virtues of this special person BYJ. I do not have time for any other actor/actress just because they have good skills in there professions or win so many awards. But on the other hands, BYJ does have good skills in his profession and he did win many awards including Blue Dragon. Yet his achievements are way beyond these earthly measurements. Please study more of BYJ's mind in the future if you really care.

One way of studying his mind is by reading his own words and evaluating the drama/movie works he has selected to perform. He is a very prudent person in choosing his words and works, that is why he has fewer works than most of the other actors and actresses, but that also reveals to us that the morals in those carefully selected works reflected the values that he agrees with. So again if you really care, please watch the drama Have We Really Loved, which he risked his career to insist on playing. And because of this action, he is my treasure in this world.

As for national treasure for Korea, this "title" was given by its own people, if they want to pick JDK, why didn't they select him to be in the Hallyu Expo along with LYA. The Korean people chose BYJ and LYA, that said something about the national treasure. After all, BYJ is a treasure that exists in this world and in that country, it is up to the individuals to discover and value him.

Since I started talking, let me share my opinion on the actor and the actress you mentioned. Thanks to BYJ, I got to know something about Korea and Korean entertainers. With the limited time I have, I got to watch 2 works by LYA ("Papa" and "Dae Jang Geum"), and 2 works by JDG (drama "Fall in Love with the Hostess" 爱上女主播, and movie "Wu Ji" 无极). LYA is an excellent actress, she is pretty and have good performing skills. She is shrewd in selecting the drama "dae Jang Geum", even though she looked a bit old performing Jang Geum in her young age. As for JDG, although "Fall in Love with the Hostess" was an acclaimed drama, I do not fancy it, and JDG is just another supposedly attractive male in the romance, I could not find any special sparks about him. The hardest part is watching him playing in Wuji, I felt sorry for him in picking this disgracing work to play, I concluded that this actor might have the skills but definitely not the vision. I could not finish WuJi and that's the end of my time spent on JDG as well. After all, no matter what the world is saying, there is only ONE man I care to spend time on in the whole wide entertainment world, that is BYJ, his own country should be proud of him.