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Latest news from Quilt about Wuri Yong Joon:

[Trans] 17th of Nov 13:59 Latest from KOB


Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl (blog?)
Korean to Chinese : wonchun

Today YJ nim does not have to film.
But starting from tomorrow, they will film his parts.
According to the overseas families YJ found it strenuous to even hold up a sword yesterday, hence the filming was stopped half way.
What will it be like tomorrow?

In addition, most of the scenes in episode 22 and 23 will be filmed centering on YJ. I believe that his treatment will definitely be postponed.

(H : To me every episode was centered around our HRH, but if they say episode 22 and 23 are particularly centered around him, I am so looking forward to it, dear yong joon, pray pray that you are not injured again and pray pray pray that your neck injuries will not torture you too much and please recover soon. Actually I would expect episode 24, the last one will be even more centered around Dam Duk, so please be careful my prince, be well. Love you much much!)

No matter what, because YJ nim is a sensible person, I trust he will have a true sense of proprietary and be able to handle both filming and treatment appropriately.

Let us think on the bright side…

(H: I totally agree. I'll do my work to pray harder for YJ's safety and well-being)

Wonchun posted the following on 2007-11-16 22:05
[Express post from the filming site] Diary 16th of Nov

Author: Dam Deok Nae G
Source: KOB
Original: Autumn Girl
Korean to Chinese: wonchun

I am an actor (extra) from Jeju who is currently working in the Hotel of Korean Air (?).

Today we just completed the last part of TWSSG.

BYJ, LJA(Lee Ji Ah), MSR (Moon So Ri), YTY(Yoon Tae Young), LBL(Chero), WKR(Wo Kuang Rok) were there as well.

We were in the same scenes as BYJ, BYJ nearly had no NGs (retakes). His lines were performed perfectly. It appears that he has a thorough understanding of and has fully digested his character (the king).

(H: Since Episode 11, especially episode 15, 17 and 19, he is becoming more and more into a real king. His performance is getting better and better (not that it was not good before, but it was already very good, but after being a king, he is BETTER and BETTER), I truly believe that the role of Dam Duk is perfect for revealing HRH's true being. That's why he looked so real and perfect in these episodes. Love you more and more HRH!)

BYJ is truly a Hallyu star. Many Japanese and Korean fans were patiently waiting at the filming site with their cameras. When he appears, everyone waves to greet him, and loudly cheers with ‘I love you!’, ‘Wishing you the best of health’, ‘Please take care of your body!’, ‘He is so handsome’.

(H: BYJ is truly a Hallyu leader, a national treasure, well a world treasure to me)

BYJ also waves back to greet his fans. In my opinion, words simply can’t describe his cordiality and politeness towards his fans. (H: That's why we love him so much!) All the fans stretched out to shake hands with him. We had to call up security guards. Without them to maintain order, filming could not proceed promptly.

Today us, the extras were filming with 거믈촌黑水村,…. Omit.

Filming finished at 7:30pm. Filming in Jeju has finally come to an end. I don’t know when they will be back again.

If there is more in Jeju, I will let everyone know. Thank you very much.

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