Monday, April 09, 2007

April Snow

Greetings! It's been a while since last time I visited here. Too many things have been going on in life, but I have always kept this little corner within my thoughts. It's the place that I record my memories that in the eyes of most "normal adults", these memories may be viewed as silly, childish and of no use. I believe every HRH fansis here knows what it means by that but also knows how good use there is of these memories - they enlighten our hearts and minds and they keep us loving this life.

Here let me share a quote from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery :

"It is truly useful since it is beautiful."

Well, 'nuff so-called philosophical chattering, just get down to the point, we've got April Snow this year, in our town, on April 4th and 5th, 2007. I made the point of taking lots of pictures, will uploade some later once I am ready. The snow scene was so beautiful, especially in April, and thinking about the movie April Snow, there is no reason not to feel fancy about it.

More special is the fact that Jaime was driving down to meet me from Canada on April 5th and she kindly brought me a movie called "April Snow Director's Cut". Ahhh! I can only give this wonderful credit to the work of God.

The two finally met on Good Friday April 6th, 2007. The weather was amazingly sunny but a bit chilly out of the sun. My bad I forgot to bring my own camera. So just imagine, after calming down from looking at each other up and down a little bit and acclaimed "Ahhh! this is how you look!", we rejoiced in hugging, took a couple of pictures, and set out to search for a place for "lunch and learn". What do we learn? Each other and HRH. *_^ How about call it "munch and drool."

Two and a half hour was not close to enough. I wish we had a whole week together exchanging minds. The short 2.5 hours of memory of Jaime was she is such a graceful lady. As for man HRH who brought us together in such a magical way, I think we did not get enough time to allocate on him either. It feels so pathetic that we all have to be driven by the "practical" rule of life, we can only spend a limited amount of time on what we really love to do and we should be really grateful that we even have the freedom to do so. I feel like I still have a lot to say to Jaime and a lot to hear from her.

So long for today, got to watch the April Snow Director's Cut now. Will write more later.

April 12, 2007, updating ...

Okay, April Snow Pictures around our house ... Snow started on April 4th, 2007, in the morning of April 5th 2007, after sending my son to school, I came back home and shoveled the snow on our driveway. I am so proud of such good deed, haven't done snow shoveling for years, always rely on hubby to work on the snow in the cold. You see, shoveling the April Snow is a totally different story, you breathe the spring air, your hands are warm, you feel more like exercising than laboring, and you can savor on the memories of that movie called April Snow. HeeHeeHee, I love shoveling snow, as long as it is April Snow.

This tree bears fragrant dark pinkish red flowers in the summer and countless berry-sized fruits in the fall. Love it so full of life. It looks just as beautiful with snow clothing.

A noble dog, he comes by almost everyday, front and back he roams along, perhaps he knows our yard better than I do.

No, no pictures of me and Jaime, think of it, we both are just as cute as this little prince.

As for ASDC, got to spend another night on a separate posting. I am really slow at collecting my thoughts.


gosijo said...

Hello H,

How wonderful you and Jaime met in person! I concur, if there is one word to describe our multi-talented scribe, it is 'graceful'.

Looking forward to your impressions on AS DC and April Snow 2007 pics.

vegasbyj said...

Hello H!

So wonderful to see your post today. I'm so happy to read that both you and Jaime got to meet! How exciting!

Looking forward to seeing pictures and getting your insight on ASDC too.

thanks much for sharing!

HeippieH said...

Hi dear gosijo, you met Jaime before, so you know what I am talking about. But just graceful is not enough to describe her. She is like our HRH, always making people feel comfortable and happy, her moves and talks are genuine, natural and fun.

April Snow 2007 scenes are uploaded, the thoughts on ASDC will be coming soon :-) Overall impression is good, not surprising, haha...

HeippieH said...

Hi dear vegas, looks like I need to get serious on discussing the ASDC, how do you gals think about it? I know most people like it better and think it makes more sense than the original movie. I agree. It appeared the orderings of some scenes were swapped. I really want to say something about April Snow, hope I can say it well though ... giving out one hint, I love HRH but I don't agree with this movie, and I am sensing HRH feels the same way. Hope this comment is of no offense to anyone.

vegas said...

Love the pictures of your April Snow! Absolutely beautiful - this coming from someone who lives in the desert...

I have not viewed ASDC so I'm curious to hear what you have to say. I've viewed the original and it struck a nerve in me. Anyways, we can discuss later.

thanks so much for sharing!

jaime said...

oh my dear h,

sorry to come in late and you surprise me once again w/ these beautiful pictures of your yards. Really, it snowed that hard after I left? I totally agree w/ you, winter and snow appear so beautiful now because of Yong Joon.

hahaha, we are as cute as that dog? You must be a very generous hostess to attract that cute dog to keep visiting you.

Thanks gosijo and you for kind words for me. You two took the words from my mouth, you 2 nice sisters whom I have the fortune to meet are both graceful, sweet and gentle. I seriously think this is why we are so attracted to BYJ because we also find these qualities in him.

I honestly love ASDC more eventhough a lot of fans love the original more. I just feel it's much more logical w/ how the love progresses and it does not require too much guessing or wild interpretation. haha, I guess I just don't like to think when I enjoy a movie. hehe, plus it doesn't hurt that we see 30 more minutes of Insoo.

you are right h, Yong Joon doesn't agree with this kind of love. I really have to commend him for always taking on a role that challenges not only his acting skills, but also his beliefs and value. What a true professional!
Like vegas said, please let us know your afterthoughts of watching ASDC.

btw Vegas, I am sending you an email. please check.

vegas said...

Hi Jaime!

thanks, I've sent you a reply.


Anonymous said...

hello h,
i'm glad you guys enjoyed the special date ^^
love the april snow pictures around your place..cant help but feel the april-snow-movie-in-my-mind all over again :p

take care,

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Yes it snowed the day before we met and snowed again after you left, on April 12th, 2007. Then it turned into rain and rained on and on for 5+ days, some areas close to where I work got flooded. Today it finally cleared up. Children finally could go out in the sun, they are so happy.

I agree with you, I am enjoying ASDC with more showing of Insoo.


HeippieH said...

Hi Frances,

Nice to see you here. How have you been? How is life after marriage? Wish you have a great time. Yeah, it's time to watch the April Snow before the Japanese Hotelier comes out.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

hi h,
am still not married ^^ the wedding date is playing around before the end of this year :p


HeippieH said...

Omho, fances, sorry I got the impression that you were married, now I recall that you were engaged. So you will wed at the end of this year! Wish you happiness forever. Love...