Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jaime's Den - Desperately Seeking BYJ

Sorry for the delay. Jaime sent me this way way back, just got a chance to post it. Thanks Jaime for sharing. She posted it on Quilt, as usual.


Dear sisters …… Do you have enough of this long stretch of silence from our handsome prince? Are you going nuts wondering what he is doing at this very moment? Are you missing him like fish without water, eating ramen without kimchi or Tiger Woods without his golf clubs? Well well midear, welcome to the club – the ‘Desperately Seeking BYJ Fan Club’.

I came in as a fan at the beginning of his hibernation period – Dec 2005, just after his whirlwind promotion tours for April Snow. Throughout the past year, even though there were numerous delays and denial of his appearances, there was still no shortage of his news, CFs and filming updates. We were kept busy and satisfied with his warm words, touching acts and gorgeous pictures.

They say ‘absence makes the heart grows fonder’, but if you are experiencing the following symptoms :

- Starring out afar with a blank expression as if you’ve been captured by aliens and released

- Walking like a zombie, keeps bumping into walls and getting all kinds of bruises that people thought you’ve just lost a boxing match to Rocky

- Following any 5’11”, pony-tailed, muscular hunk for several blocks and have a restraining order filed against you

then you are ‘certified’ missing him! Wait sis, before you completely pull

all your hair off your head or drown your pillows with tears, please allow me to offer a few remedies to keep that BYJ fire burning in these cold wintry days (hehe sorry for sisters living south of latitude 20N , you just have to turn your air-conditioning a bit higher).

For the couch potato :

It’s time to catch up or re-immerse yourself in his old dramas. You can check out all minute details, scrutinize the logic of every scene and pause at his handsome face for as long as you want. Believe it or not, I actually ‘fast-forwarded’ all 56 episodes of ‘A Sunny Place of the Young’ to swoon over the ruggedly handsome director Sukjue! ~@@~

For the neat freak :

Isn’t about time to organize those hundreds of drool-worthy pictures and videos that you have hastily downloaded onto your disk? Let’s see, should we categorize it in chronological order, by dramas and events, colour of his clothes, thickness of his chest or simply from handsome to handsomest?

What about those precious BYJ souvenirs that you’ve been collecting? Why not take them out of your treasure box and savour it once again? (just a reminder : please wear your white gloves to avoid any finger prints on the face of our handsome prince)

For the intellectual :

If you are in this group, you are in luck. There are thousands (I dare say thousands) of precious articles, interviews, analysis, fan fictions floating around various sites and blogs. You can start right here in Quilt and check out its fantastic collection of fan fictions. For a list of recommended articles, vods and everything else about him, I suggest start off with the first page of SOOMPI which liezle and frances have so diligently consolidated for us. To get an insight of his person, I suggest going into the forum of Joonsfamily, the famous ‘fumi analysis’ and magazine interviews all reside there.

Hehe, and then it’s almost impossible not to know about the famous happiebb blog which is like a CNN/Entertainment Tonight/Oprah all rolled into one. Not only that you can get all her insiders information, it’s so much fun to read her humorous writing and enjoy her warm hospitality. Oh oh, and while you’re there, please read her post picks and her ‘Follow YJ’s trail’ is more exciting than a biography! (um hm bb, I’ll be collecting my advertising fee later, ok?)

For the eager beaver :

If you are in this category, I have to make a ‘major’ Korean bow to you. Yours truly have attempted N times to sit in front of the computer and read Paintshop tutorial, study HTML hoping to measure up to other sisters and post something a bit more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘civilized’. But 5 minutes (I swear, 5 minutes) into the first page, my body will begin to have an allergic reaction to the English language – my eyelids become as heavy as lead, my neck becomes as soft as jello and my head will start bopping onto the monitor. This allergy can only be resolved by yours truly grabbing a big soft cushion and doze off in the couch zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

For the social butterfly :

Hahaha, you know who you are! The ones who constantly have that red ‘New Mail’ signal in their mailbox and spending all their time replying to emails. You are on every distribution list in the BYJ world, so you end up getting 50 copies of the same joke, and are ‘threatened’ to return or forward those sentimental messages to 5 more of your ‘true’ friends or else ….! I congratulate you if you are in this prestigious category, this means your BYJ sisters really love you and cherish you as a true friend. How about spreading your love and warmth to other sisters during this down time and build more friendships? You’ll be amazed at how much love you’ll receive in return. J

Any one of these interests you? No? OK, what about pursuing what you always want to do, maybe lose that extra 5 pounds? Tell me, who doesn’t have 5 extra pounds to lose? Maybe spring cleaning, a wardrobe revamp? Try to catch up on that book or craft you’ve been putting aside? In any case, I hope you dear sisters will have a wonderful, warm and safe winter. Please emerge when TWSSG comes out, see you in spring!

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