Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jaime Meets H

Jaime and I met on April 6, 2007, a day to remember and cherish in my life. As coco mentioned, I have added another dozen of "choum" moments on my First Time list. First time to meet a bae sister personally, first time driving alone to Quincy Market, etc. Now I would like to keep a record of Jaime's account here.


H and I are scheduled to meet in downtown Quincy Market at noon for lunch on Good friday. Sorry H that I have to make you drive such a long way from your nice suburban home. (In case you haven’t read, H just posted pictures of April snow in her beautiful yards http://heippieh.blogspot.com/ please check it out, so peaceful and romantic. Sorry, I digress.) Since I had no idea what H looks like, so every Asian lady who passed by me became my target of examination. (Sorry Jaime for my inconsiderate, causing your anxiety like this.) Eventually, a tall, slender woman approached me in an elegant pace w/ a gentle smile on her face, probably because I looked like an idiot sticking my head out here and there. We stared at each other, broke out in laughter and gave each other a big hug. I bid goodbye to my family and promised to be back in 2 hours at the same spot. (U see, my family still treats me like a kid, they insist to be there when I meet a new friend!)
Off H and I went to find ourselves a quiet place for our BYJ ‘drool and chat’ session. We picked a nice charming restaurant w/ a solarium looking out to the market square. Then we ordered some light lunch, seafood bisque and smoked salmon to share ( who needs to eat when we can feed our eyes on his gorgeous pictures?) H started telling me she was thinking about how her BYJ journey all started whiling driving down to meet me. We started talking about how BYJ fascination has affected our lives, we also touched on our own family too. To me, H is everything I imagined and much more – she is pretty, gentle, smart, calm, collected, logical and sensible of course. Every word that comes out from her has been well thought out, hahaha, so unlike me, who just blurt out anything that I want without filtering. My feelings are mixed : on one hand, it seems like I know H so well since we have poured out our emotions for BYJ through emails and her blog, yet I really don’t know her much because there are still many other aspects in her lives. Do you feel the same way, H? (I do feel the same way, Jaime you put it precisely!)
Now the fun part, we started taking out the gifts that we brought for each other. Of course, I copied and brought along all the super-licious DVDs that (other sisters) so kindly sent to me. I also gave H a bracelet that I made w/ all the yummy BYJ pictures on it in her favourite colour red (hehe jill, you know what I mean, right?) Now, you know why H posed in such a way so she could show the bracelet over my shoulder. Incidently, when H was standing and lifted her arm up, her sweater rose accordingly displaying her slim and trim abs! So envious! phew! am I glad I was wearing this thick and long coat covering my big fat butt, or else I’d really look like a PIG standing next to her! (Jaime I know you are trying to be nice and funny, I admire that you are in such a good shape!) I won't mention the other gifts, then H showered me with her collection of DVDs which she took such big effort to copy for me. Sorry H, I know you explained all the technical terms to me on how you did it, but it’s already out the other ear now. And those handsome April Snow clear files, among other yummy foods. Thank you, thank you H, I love them all.
Hahaha, after lunch, the drooling session began while we sipped our hot lemon tea, I brought along the 100 days of Bae Yong Joon to show his sexy muscles, CREA and Hot Chili Papers on Winter Sonata. (Oh those magazines are amazing, much better quality than I expected. The HRH photos on the magazines looked 100 times more beautiful and charming than seeing from the PC!) I asked the waitress to give us a clean cloth napkin to cover the table before we laid out my precious BYJ treasure. (Jaime is such a thoughtful person.) Whenever we saw his pictures baring his chest, we just couldn’t help oohing and aahing, feeling a bit embarrassed, then broke out and laughed. (The waiters and waitresses could not stop laughing at us, they were so amused by our childish behavior, that they were willing to take millions of pictures for us with super patience.) That’s how our prince binds all his Bae sisters together all over the world. We are from different countries, upbringings and backgrounds, somehow this amazing man can inspire friendships among so many women.
The 2 hours passed by so fast, we hardly touched on anything we hoped to say. Trust me chinggu, we didn’t even have time to concoct an evil plan to overthrow your supreme reign on BYJ monopoly yet. Nor did we have a chance to talk about our Bae activities. H, what the heck did we talk about then really? How come we haven’t even talked about our dear Bae sisters?

We met back w/ my family and I had to bid farewell to H. We gave each other a big hug, but I tried not to get emotional. When H turned away to walk to her parking garage, I remembered I looked around to see her slender back one more time cause I don’t know when I will see her again. (Jaime, I had to mention that I as well turned back to see you walking away with your family, it was sad at that moment, reminded me of the departing scene of Junsang and Yujin in Episode 21ish. I don't know when we will meet again, no matter what happens in the future, you will always stay in my heart.).
H, it was so nice to really meet you in person. I have met the TO sisters before, but the feeling is different when you finally meet someone whom you have talked to for so long. The experience not only enriches my BYJ journey, but I feel like I have gained a true, flesh and blood friend who understands so much of my inner emotions as a person, not just as a BYJ fan. H, your smile, your words, your presence will become a beautiful part of my memory. (Well put Jaime, you expressed precisely my feeling to you too. It is hard to find the friend around us who shares so deeply the similar feelings and understanding of certain values. I believe the love of HRH exhibits the values we hold and appreciate. We both agreed that it is not easy to find one just in the crowd around us in our daily life.)


vegas said...

Thanks so much for sharing your meeting with us. I'm so happy for both of you! Seems like there's never enough time when getting together and meeting new friends. I hope you two will be able to meet again one day soon.

Warm fuzzies all around!

jaime said...

thank you h, so you have posted our meeting. I love the comments that you made. so you looked back too? Oh, makes my eyes teary now.

Hi hi vegas, thanks for reading and your nice thoughts. You are always so supportive of every sister. I hope one day I will visit Vegas again and see you.

HeippieH said...

Hi Hi Vegas, nice to see you here. Am I too late responding? Being swamped everyday! So you hope we can meet again? I do too. We can hope for more things like meeting all together. If we ever go to vegas, I'll be calling you. Love ...

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, I did look back. I guess we looked back at different times, so we missed each other. I am the person who would always look back when departing. Reminded me of that scene when Junsang and Yujin departed and agreed that they would not look back, oh I have not told anyone how much I was disturbed by that scene, that they actually NEVER EVER looked back, how insane! I would expect them to look back, and if I were one of them, I definetly for sure 1000% certain would look back no matter what!

Now looking back in time, you did visit Las Vegas just around the New year time, right? I even felt sorry for you not meeting vegasbyj. Now I am thinking should plan for a trip to Las Vegas, we can let vegasbyj show us the hotel and house where Hotelier was shot. Agree?