Friday, March 16, 2007

Yes I Saw Him!

Ok, got to write this down. It happened on Monday 3/12/2007. Had a gathering lunch with friends and colleagues. It was an extra long one, thank goodness there was a TV program airing. I have not been a TV viewer, especially after I got to know BYJ, I have not been watching TV for about 2+ years. Why? No more time, got to be selective. I'd either watch the DVDs that I rent or bought, or go online to watch the program that I like. Mind you I have only bought a couple of dozen DVDs in my life and they are exclusively BYJ's, as for online TV program, there is only one I ever being watching from time to time - EWTN. A "narrow-minded" person I am, I am happy to accept this title, since I know I have limited energy and time for being more versatile. What else time I can have after family, kids, work, community service, BYJ internet viewing/chatting after limited eating and sleeping time?

Now this was a Korean restaurant and it always has a TV turned on. Each time I go, I either sit facing back to it, or if it was in my sight, once in a while I'd threw a brief glance at it mindlessly.

This time around, God knows, I sit right in front of it, and since the lunch was super super long long, I started glancing at that TV more frequently. All of a sudden, OMG! there appeared that only man who can fix my eyeballs - our prince! Boy that was a nice surprise! I've never ever expected that! Now what do I do? I am afraid my colleagues would be questioning why my eyes were staring at the TV so intently, Hahaha... I have to be skillful at pretending paying not much attention to that screen but at the mean time, really paying intensive attention to that heavenly-given TV 'cos I knew it's gonna be swift for such news.

The sound was muted, but even if it was on, I would not be able to understand, it's a Korean TV program. Now I am wondering what channel it was. That will be my question to the owner for my next visit. I can tell she is delighted to see me each time I went there, ever since I tried my only Korean word "Kangmesonmida" (I am pretty sure the spelling sucks).

No need to understand what the reporter was talking on that TV, I was certain it was about BYJ's appearance in the Hallyu Expo Opening ceremony. Our prince entered the site, spoke to the reporter, and was revealed on the stage in that "magic show". I have seen the pics and vods on various bae-sites for the Hallyu Expo Opening ceremony. I have seen our prince almost everyday on the internet. But seeing him on a live TV program, the feeling was completely different. Can understand that? It's almost second to seeing him in person. It is one step further to see him as a real person comparing to watching him in the dramas/movies from home DVD, or from the internet on the PCs. I guess if I don't see him in person in my life, Monday's "TV encounter" would be my most significant "real-life" encounter moment so far.

Thinking about it, my second most significant "real-life BYJ encounters" were seeing his Winter Sonata posters in the trains of Tokyo subway and the Flavono with his pic on the wrapper in a supermarket close to Kikuna station of Yokohama. I still vividly remember my brain surge when I saw his pictures in the train and the supermarket in Japan. I envy our Japanese sisters who can see him so easily almost everywhere in their daily life. Seeing him on TV, in concerts, reading books about him is only a dream to me, but so reachable for them. As for Korean sisters, I don't even try to envy them, they know the language our prince speaks. They get all the chances to see him as they wish. They get direct news about him on TV, OMG, I don't want to think any more. It's better to maintain my peace of mind and be contend of what I can enjoy right now.

My "Monday TV Encounter" was a precious moment in my life time, worth mentioning in my journal, it must sound pretty silly to some people. If I say BYJ is the very person who successfully humbled me, no one would ever believe! I am so happy to live in such a silly state ever since this man enters my heart.

Now speaking of "narrow mindedness", if I were living in Japan or if BYJ is popular enough to be shown in the US TV program, I am afraid I would be a TV addict in addition to a PC addict today.

This is one of my favorite clips on youtube, a collection of BYJ's CMs, his Flavono CM is in. I like his unique hand-waving in the Lotte CM at the begginning of this clip.


gosijo said...

Hello H,

Sorry to be late with this comment. I can sooo relate. There are a few differences (I've watched other k-dramas) but I too feel I must seem silly to other people. I've never seen 'him' on tv but have seen him on a few posters outside a video shop in a well-known Asian mall in the Toronto suburbs. Such a sweet feeling!

When colleagues report going there and seeing the posters, I feel a little embarassed that they should associate me (!?) with such an obviously beautiful man, but happy they saw his picture and know he's well-known and much loved elsewhere in the world... and a little bit, here, too.

But they don't know the half of it, what's beyond the amazing looks, do they?

BTW, I enjoyed your post on prudence and all the comments.

Take good care!

HeippieH said...

Hi dear gosijo, sorry for replying late, tooooo late I know. I have been ... as you know, busy. Remember that song - busy, busy, dreadfully busy ... but in my case, it is busy, busy, joyfully busy ... HaHaHa ... So I am sure you don't mind me replying your comment late ... thank you so much for dropping notes here! I agree with you, I even think most people who do not see YJ's amazing charater may not be appreciating his amazing looks as much as us. The more we know about him, the more baeutiful he looks in our eyes.