Saturday, March 17, 2007

An Asian 007 to Be - Hotelier

Read a lot about BYJ agreed to appear in a Japanese version of Hotelier. It's a good news to me for I expect to see his short-hair appearance after so many years of long-hair-do since his Winter Sonata success. Another delight I am holding is that I expected the Hotelier to become an Asian version of franchise show like 007 or Star War. I've always believed that it is a good idea for BYJ to start an Asian franchise movie/drama derived from his success of Hotelier. Myself and other fans have been expressing this thirst a number of times. Check out my previous posting on Mr. Shin and Camille's posting about fan family's fantasizing of Hotelier. Also there is a dreamyj web site dedicated to collecting BYJ related fanfics, check it out.

It is said that the Japanese version of Hotelier was inspired by the original Korean drama Hotelier, where BYJ played a cold-minded M&A expert who found his true love during a Hotel merge in Korea. The drama was categorised as biz-war type. Will the Japanese remake of Hotelier start a franchise in Asian show-biz history? I think the biz-war love story fits the bill better than Asian 007 for BYJ. BYJ is smart in accepting this role. I just hope this time his role has more appearances in this version of Hotelier than the original one.

It's fun to share this episode written by Saphire on her fanfic of Detective Shin, isn't it cute? Aren't we all like her, losing sleep for Frank Shin?

Translation for Leo:

Boss, yesterday your big fan Saphire (might as well switch
that to me H) sent her letter again to our office. Aih, I
thought she needed our help, but who knows, she still
needed nothing from us. She just once more wrote you
another jolly long poem (how about replace that "poem"
to "blog posting" for H), I am so moved by reading it. Wow
... Basically that Miss Saphire (in this case Lady H) has no
longer been able to sleep at night now! Such a pitiful girl!

Translatoin for Frank Shin:

Dong Hyuk looked out at the road scenes of cars flying by
the window of his limo, the corner of his mouth was lifting
a line of mild smile, it looked like a tad blissful gladness, or
like a tiny self mockery. Is it really like what Leo has been
chattering about from day to day? There are so many girls
in this world losing sleep for me Shin Dong Hyuk. They
must all be pure, innocent, artless, lovely girls.

It's gonna be a busy 2007 after Japanese Hotelier and TWSSG are airing. Stock up your sleep!

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