Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Today's Announcement : Music is added to the blog. Sincere thanks go to JillC, who generously created the music clip and hosted them on her site. Both Jill and Jaime have graciously taught me how to link it on the blog. Thank you Thank you Thank you my dearest sisters.

Briefly, this Mozart piece is from his Piano Concerto No.21, movement 2 Andante. This is one of my most favorite Mozart. Whenever I listen to it, I think about HRH. It makes me think the two share some common qualities - the more you repeat listening (Mozart) or watching (HRH), the more you love them. Both bring beauty and peace to my mind. Both endure the test of time. For this I love!

Today's Readings : A glimpse of how HRH works - bb's "an angel's smile". The way our HRH treats his work is phenomenal. Don't forget, there is another bb's translation that I love dearly, click here to read TWSSG PD Yun, in an interview describing how YJ works. PD Yun called HRH tiring. He tires people out with his desire to perfection. I can tell HRH has extraordinary energy that can tire a lot of ordinary people out. I am thankful the first time not being his co-worker. I'd rather settle to be his viewer and supporter, hehe... I am never tired of watching him, reading about him, thinking about him, and whenever I can, writing about him.

Today's Thought : "Man shall not live by bread alone" ... is it fare to say that it is the art that nurtures your spirit, the art is like the vitamins to our spiritual needs? Our HRH works so diligently to present his works as perfect as possible. He is seriously treating his works as arts, to me they are the Vitamins B. A. E.. I am less happy if I don't take my vitamins B.A.E everyday!

Most of us need to work in order to put the bread on the table. For the fortunate ones, they get to work on the things they enjoy. At the end of the day, other than the genius who enjoys their work 24-7 throughout the year, most of us feel weary and stressed after a long day of work, be it inside or out of the house. I am a workaholic, I unconsciously look out for work to do. Most of the time, I found myself signing up for too much. But even if I get the most enjoyable work to be busy for 14 hours a day, still I need to wind down after working crazily like this for 5 days. I did realize that watching TV is one of the easiest ways for relaxation. Think this is the case for most of people, everyone needs certain form of entertainment to relax. Thanks to the invention of motion pictures and TVs, a significant portion of today's entertainment involves TV watching or movie going. So the world need entertainers like HRH whose careers are to provide entertainment.

However, HRH is no ordinary entertainer. An ordinary entertainer offers entertainment and the audiences receive it. Mostly this is a one way activity, audiences typically receive the entertainment in a passive way. Having a significant amount of fans who enjoy his performances is one of the measurements for a successful entertainer. HRH is unique, his work does not stop at just providing entertainment, he strives to make his works to be appreciated as art. His fans are unique too. They do not stop at merely enjoying his performances, they create artworks with their various talents, sometimes I think their own work offer each other entertainments as well.

There is another word that fits better for this type of entertainment, it is called recreation. Recreation is a type of entertainment which the individual is actively engaged in for amusement or satisfaction, instead of for mere leisure. Normally when we hear the word recreation, we think about sports that is outside of our houses. But today being in the bae family, I noticed there is a unique type of recreation that can be done at home, in front of a computer, on the internet, with inspired thoughts on HRH, based on this man's works, people are carrying on all kinds of creative activities such as making MVs, poems, drawing, slideshows combining music and HRH pictures, translating articles into different languages, and so on, and so on. One great example is the TWSSG Filming Diary. It is the accounts of TWSSG shooting observations made by staff members, fans, (I don't really know) and was published on the TWSSG Official Making Book, originally written in Japanese,translated into Korean by eojinee, translated into English by suehan, and to Chines by Lynnzhoulily. These translations are posted on various bae-sites, including, quilt, and bb's blog, etc. for sharing.

Here let me share a MV made by a dear sister JillC, one of the web hostess at This is one of my most favorite TWSSG artworks, entitled "The Legend". Some of you must have seen it before, I am keeping it here for the record, and for viewing it conveniently whenever I can.

Now with the intensiveness, seriousness, and high quality of these recreational effort, I do think that they should be recognized as real priceless work. Look, HRH works as an entertainer, who inspires so many people to work creatively, happily and freely for each other around the world. Can you simply call him just an entertainer? How about calling him The Legend.


jaime said...

Oh my dear h,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful Mozart piece and your inspiring thoughts with us, I've been waiting for this (sorry if I gave you any pressure).

Your post starts me thinking again how idealistic Yong Joon is and the message he's trying to present to us beyond just the acting. You are so right, this is not a 1-way entertainment. I find myself busier and more tiring instead of being relaxed at all since I have become a fan. Because of his diligent and perfectionist work attitude, he inspires us to draw more out from ourselves, be it our hidden potential or simply trying harder. I can only thank him at the end of this journey that he has given me so much from himself and his family.

I love reading your analysis and your thoughts always. I know you are so busy and can't commit too much time on HRH but whenever I read your writing, I feel you have come back to us again.

I can never get tired of listening to this Mozart piece, thanks for sharing your music with us. Anymore coming?

love ... Jaime

bb said...

hey H!

really...? i had thought that the filming diary was done by twssg staff... so they're actually fans' accounts..?! oh well, you learn something new everyday... :p

and... oh man, i really am too frivolous and shallow, when standing next to you, and i would imagine that i would look much much much worse when pitched against wuri yong joon :p

while you ladies are often so analytical and insightful, i seem only able to notice silly things like his clothes, his hair, his undies... and whilst you like the same music piece as him, my fave mozart piece is that not-so-serious-but-i-think-is-charming Eine kleine Nachtmusik :p

keke, guess there're thinkers like yourself (and gosijo...) and silly dreamers like yours truly amongst us bae fans :)

thanks for sharing, H!

p.s. and congrats on learning how to add music to your blog :)

jaime said...

hehe bb, you are so right about the analytical talent of h and gosijo, but I'd say you are both a thinker and a dreamer. If you have to classify, then I got to be at the bottom of the silliest list. Just look at my latest silly post on HRH's puckering lips Vs h's thoughtful Mozart post! Now, where is the hole that I can stick my head in?

love .... jaime

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts - "Because of his diligent and perfectionist work attitude, he inspires us to draw more out from ourselves, be it our hidden potential or simply trying harder.". and you can always put it so well.

Comments on your other thoughts -

"I can only thank him at the end of this journey that he has given me so much from himself and his family." - I am thankful the same way, just I hope the end of this journey is beyond the horizon, I don't want it ends so soon ...

"but whenever I read your writing, I feel you have come back to us again." - Believe it or not, I have never left ... just I am slow on writing, I have difficulties expressing myself, even in my mothertongue, but writing about him helps release my emotions, or else I'd go crazy.

"Now, where is the hole that I can stick my head in?" - Don't laugh at me, don't hit me, spare my life, the first thing that came to my purified mind when you mentioned the "hole" was the puckering shape HRH made in your cutie post, when he pronounce certain magical character in his language. I do wonder what that character is. It must be a common one since he is making that "hole" a whole lot. I'd love to be on top of the silliest list, so let me stick my head in the hole first ...

Love and hugs ... so you can't hit me ...

HeippieH said...

ooppsieess... bb, H is covering her mouth ... did she say something out of her own imagination and assumption? Those account may very well be written by the staffs, but I gave it all to the fans ... hehe those staffs might be his fans as well ...

You like Eine kleine Nachtmusik, I like it as well, it's my all time favorite. I prefer strings more than piano before kids took piano lessons. I prefer Beethoven than Mozart before as well, while hubby loves Mozart. Now he finds me a fun of Mozart, and got another topic to tease me.

Mozart is like wuri yong joon, the more I listen, the more I love. It might be I am getting old, this Piano Concerto No.21 Andante gives me so much sense of peace, beauty and joy, just like wuri yong joon has given me. I did not know YJ likes this piece as well? Where and how did you know about it?

As Jaime said, you are both thinker and dreamer, and Jaime is both dreamer and thinker. I am just doing a little venting here or there of my emotions. Your girls' thoughts and dreams are truly omni-vision, omni-angle, up and down, inside and out. I go to your blogs, I get the full picture of wuri yong joon.

Love much!

gosijo said...

Great post, h! Contains so many astute observations!

I particularly love the one in your comment: "but writing about him helps release my emotions, or else I'd go crazy". I think it's the same for many and I'm sure it extends to talented sisters making artwork as well.

As for Jaime (hi there!), isn't she the one who authored the Manet series? Besides, the pouty lips expression is one of those deep mysteries that urgently needs further studying as the future of womankind might very well depend on it. I'm sure it's not just a matter of our dear man clearly enunciating all words with the sound "u" in them (e.g. Joon, wuri, etc.). That would be too simple, no?

Last, but not least, there is our princess bb (hi, hi!), a fount of up-to-the-minute Bae- and non-Bae information. Dear bb, if you're reading this, one of my fave parts of your blog are the personnal comments you share with us on YJ pics. How many times in our lives will we get the chance to appreciate someone, not only through our own eyes but through someone else's? So, please, keep doing what you do in the way you enjoy doing it because we keep coming back and it's not out of charity!

HeippieH said...

Dear Jo, it's always a delight and read your comments, as bb said, they are always insightful blended with humor, another thinker and dreamer. I think bae fans are all are, so it takes a thinker and a dreamer in one to appreciate HRH, right?

What you have said about Jaime and bb are all true, I agree 1000%. Yes Jaime did the Manet series and many other delightful writings about HRH and the bae-journey. bb, again, my and many bae-sister's BYJ encyclopedia. I depend on her prompt news and updates of our HRH all the time. And you my pal, you are our thinking machine, always able to express deeply and precisely my feelings when I am not able to. I am sure this applies to other sisters as well.

Thanks for always sharing your thoughts, this makes the journey so enjoyable.

Love much much!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heippieh,

I haven't had a chance to do much reading lately but just got on here and wanted to let you know how beautiful the music is. I love it.
It matches perfectly with Our Man.
I still enjoy reading your wonderful blog. Stay warm. Looks like we are getting a storm here and tomorrow. Good for staying in and reading about him, don't ya think?

Take care - God Bless!
Mrs A

HeippieH said...

Dear Mrs A,

Nice to see you again! What a treat! Your place are having a storm? Please stay warm. The weather here is becoming nice, although we had rain and strong wind during the weekend, but today it turned all sunny, spring is around the corner.

How is your health? Please please take good care of it, I have been catching up on sleep lately, been exhausted with work and kids. I am feeling if I don't take care of my body, I'm not gonna be able to enjoy HRH any more. So be good to yourself!

Love and God Bless!