Sunday, February 10, 2008

His Fans Made Who I am Today

Taking this as New Year's Meditation? So be it!

I've known HRH since 2004. Up until now, not a day I am not asking myself How? why? When? What? Who? Whence? Which? Basically, what exactly happened that I became a "fan" of his, the name "fan" that I had never imagined that I could be associated with in my entire life. I DID NOT have an idol and I admired nobody! That was essentially the old proud me. But since when I fell from the high above mountain flat down to the ground and then back up to the cloud nine? Was it the Hotelier, the Winter Sonata, the Have We Really Loved, or the Untold Scandal, or the First Love??? Hard to tell, still up to today, still, it's hard to tell which one is my most favorite, they all are.

Or was it that he was so handsome? But I vividly remember that after I watched the Hotelier in 2004, the very first South Korean drama I had ever watched in my life, I commented to hubby that this Frank Shin guy, although bearing a comfortable ordinary look, his clear-mind, determination and straightforward personality is quite outstanding and charming. Even at that time, I watched this drama twice, and believe it or not, I did not know the actor's name. I, being the ascent-minded drama watcher, never paid attention to the actor's name, only buried my mind in the stories and the characters.

Then someday somehow I mentioned to a friend's husband on the phone that I liked this Korean drama Hotelier, which is out of my expectation a quite fun, modern, bright Korean drama. So he said, "Oh, you like that famous actor Bae Yong-joon?"

I said "What? Who?"

"Ah, that glasses guy, he is very famous". The other end of the phone suggested, "We have his most successful drama Winter Sonata, wanna watch?".

"Well, only if it is funny and happy", I requested, "Did anyone get sick or die?"

"Hmmm... no one got broken legs or arms and so on", he replied, "but he got blinded".

"Forget it! Don't want to watch any sad drama like that! NOT my dish!" That's my verdict to Winter Sonata.

But somehow, I could not resist on checking this newly heard name Bae Yong-joon on the web. There I started my yet another "first time record" - surfing and reading about someone, something that is not work related. From then on, I could never stop.

The first bae-site I found was BYJ Forum, there I found so many people talking about Winter Sonata. Clicking on some of the WLS pictures, and I saw two extremely ordinarily looking couple, nowadays I know they are Jun-sang and Yu-jin. Later on I found out a secret of BYJ - you got to watch him 3+ times to appreciate his beauty, the more you watch, the more you can discover about his beauty, the more you are addicted to him. After watching him 3 times, he magically transformed from being ordinarily looking into stunningly handsome. It's a mystery!

Well back then, before I found his beauty, 'twas only when I started reading about fans comments on the WLS stories, did I get attracted to this drama. After a few days of reading the Bae fans writings, I called up the friend who offered me the Winter Sonata, and begged "Can I borrow it, please?"

Then I read about "Have We Really Loved?". The brief description of each episode already got me hooked to this story. First time ever, I purchased the DVD HWRL, together with WLS and Hotelier. Before this, I had never ever spent a cent on DVDs - not worth the money and time, they are just the temporary pleasures that pass with time. But HRH's works are different, I know the value of owning them, they are absolutely great deals - I got to watch them countless times and obtained so much pleasure and joy.

In one way or another, I concluded that it was not his look that attracted me first, I largely believe that it was his fans who allured me into this bae-world, which he called "family" (Another concept that struck me).

Yesterday this proved my theory once more - I "accidentally" googled on "Bae Yong-joon", and found this article from Fillip - Thought this was not a new discovery. I recalled that I reposted Fillip's posting about Winter Sonata in my blog before. Also vaguely remembered that Yokee or someone mentioned about this posting of Fillip's with the accounts of Bae Yong-joon. The information in this posting is completely familiar to me. The most fun part of reading this article lies in the reading of its reader's comments. Here are some of them that I found most amusing, some made me giggle and some made my heart burns.

From Mae
I just saw my first K-drama which was of course by amazing chance, "Winter Sonata" and was totally mesmerized by the quality of acting...and now that I think about it...the way BYJ left that haunting impression on me...those I'm glad you filled me in on this apparently already much coveted actor...glad I didn't find out about him earlier (H: he is such a killer, glad that I lived care-free for so long before meeting him ...) ..or else I would have lost my mind being so far from him over here in the US. (H: That's exactly me ... lost my mind as a consequence of knowing him ...) But thanks-it's nice to know...and dream...

From wenvy ann salcedo
I love him tlga! I wish I can watch someday tha April Snow. I heard something about that drama and I want to see him again and his stunning smile that kills me softly. (H: "Stunning smile that kills me softly". Such an interesting expression of killing someone SOFTLY, only you can do it HRH!)

I can say with great confidence that I am his biggest fan. It started when I saw him in Winter Sonata.

The ending was great because he became more handsome! I wish I was Choi Ji Woo to taste his kiss!! ahhhh!!! I can imagine it quite vividly. (H: "Taste his kiss"???, wow some fans are truly lovely daunting, haha...)

From Lumi Luna
I too am mesmerized by his smile.
His voice makes my knees weak. (H: "His voice makes my knees weak", such a rare, lively expression, I could never ever create this expression even I love HRH's voice 10000%. Amazing fans always broaden my mind.) He is definitely a gifted and charasmatic actor. (H: No doubt his is a gifted actor. Thank God, but not fair God, I am pleading for other actors)

From carmi alas

BYJ is my cancer therapy. Was told I have 2 years to live. Watching BYJ's dvds keeps me alive. Where can I get in touch with him to let him know he is saving my life? Grateful. (H: Isn't this amazing? BYJ being a life-saver!)

From perla
my bae yong
pls. stay as sweet as you are, simplicity is beauty. (H: How tru! Found BYJ's acting has always been subdued, quiet, controlled. Love his style!)
We miss u all.

From sharon
I am also a fan of BYJ. Met him in Winter Love Song. He is what every woman would hope to find in a man.
Yes we know its his characters that make him special, but everyone needs a fantasy.
He has eyes that show all expressions, a killer smile (even in hotelier) and a voice that wraps you in a sensual blanket of words.
It's the tone(s) of his voice and the sincerity that speaks volumes.
Just gotta love the man for all his attributes and accomplishments. Wish he could visit the states and even better the east coast. (H: Got to make friend with this Sharon, she is also living on the east coast, Nice summary Sharon!)

From shaira
i love bae!!!
I am angry in myself when I didn't see bae yong joon 3 times a day. (H: Aren't bae-fans lovely? Sure, that's the magic of BYJ, he keeps our eyes shiny and our hearts bright. He is such a delight, almost like a vitamin of our daily lives.)

From Janett
Hello I am Peruan girl who is really charmed by this actor in the K-drama series.
Bae Yong Jun is not only handsome, his acting talent fits his role perfectly in Winter Sonata.
Like many Spanish women who have seen his show, I am enamoured by his good looks and gentlemanly charms. (H: BYJ has Peruan fans, wow! Nothing is impossible with HRH)

From rosario (Spanish speaking person)
Bae Yong Jun is perfect. In truth I do not get tired of seeing Winter Sonata.
No other Korean dramas can match Winter Sonata.
We have some of our TV dramas but none can even come close to Winter Sonata.
And the actors cannot live up to the standard set by BYJ.

Bae Yong Jun is truly the master of his craft.

From DODI of Egypt
Dear Bae Yong Jun, Once we knew about you in Egypt,it was also a coincidence!! Can`t this opportunitybe repeated? Dodi/Egypt.

From miyuri yamasaki
My love for Bae Yong Jun can't see and touch but he can feel. (H: Nice way of describing our love! )

eli of India
hi,i am from india.i recently watch hotelier the drama in which you act.
you look very cool and smart. i like your smile. hope i will see more drama of yours in future.

From Gigi of the Philippines
Awesome Bae Yong Joon!
Bae Yong're the best! You are indeed awesome and you've got that warm smile. My heart skips a beat everytime I see your face (H: Oh, no, be careful with those heart beats, we want to stay healthy) . .. "Someday, when I'm awfully low, I will feel a glow just thinking of you, (H: He brings out the best out of us!) and the way you look tonight." Carry on. Be Happy! From the Philippines, with love.

From Carole
After Winter Sonata and April Snow I am really looking forward to my next BYJ fix. He has restored my faith! (H: Seldom heard this type of claim, but sure it burns my heart! Somehow I do feel that BYJ has something to do with faith.) Can't get enough!

From asb
oopsss.... wat's new 4 my idol???? hmmm.....i really missed u... and i am very puzzled w/ ur shyness & kind, eventhough ur already known and famous still ur feet stays on the ground...and i salute u for dat... God Bless!!! (H: I love "asb" bringing up this point - HRH being so famous but he managed to keep his feet stay on the ground. Truly respectful!)

From francis
everytime i open my computer, i never fail to visit ur website....kip always smiling and God Bless!!! (H: This is a universal truth to all the bae sisters, how many bae-bookmarks do you keep, my dear?)

From warvi balios
I'm already 17 years old and i've been a great fan of BYJ since 2003 when the korean drama Winter Sonata was aired. (H: Wow, another young bae-fan!)

This one is funny,

From shady
hi hi yong joon? u a good actor
you are from me ! i love u
marry me u my love

Editor Fillip's Comment : Sorry Shady, I think BYJ is not the marrying kind - at the moment anyway. (H: I concur)

If it's any consolation, you and half the female population of Japan (who are his ardent fans) share the same thought! (H: Wow wow wow, is this really true? Half the female population of Japan?!)

What a lucky man he is!! (H: Can't Agree more!)

Too bad I could not leave comment to Fillip's blog. I got "Permission Denied" to his server, weird! So sorry that I could't ask his permission to re-post some of his reader's comments. Hopefully I am not offending anyone, except making people happy.

If it were not because of these fervent and talented bae-fans, I won't be here today. Thank you everyone and thank you BYJ for giving me so much joy in life. Love you all!

God Bless!


Yee said...

Dear H,

You said it all .. all his fans, bae sisters allured me to this wonderful Bae world, my starting place is Joons family.
Like I told to my sister, (who is very new fan of HRH and is very very crazy about him) because of HRH, I get to know all these Bae sisters and enjoying wonderful experiences about being a FAN.


HeippieH said...

Dear Yee,

BYJ and his fans are making me crazy everyday for all these years. But these years are also the happiest years ever. Is your new fan sister the one who said used to be busy on so many other things? Now she is a BYJ fan? Wow, crazy! Now you have more sisters to share about BYJ la!


jaime said...

my dearest h,

I am so glad you share you first Bae experience with us. Love at 3rd sight, eh? Isn't it amazing how he turns all of us mature, sensible women back into young, dreaming girls?

All these sisters who shared their feelings about Yong Joon echo exactly what's in our hearts, that's why we are all connected so well as his 'family'.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please take care!

love .. .jaime

HeippieH said...

Haiyo, my dear jaime, you know how slow I am. It took me so long and so many sights of him to SEE his charm. If it were not because of all these fans including you, writing so many articles and creating so many artworks of him, I very well could have missed this treasure HRHHH...

I was really afraid many bae-sisters will strangle my neck when I said he looked extremely ordinary to me when I first watched Hotelier and WLS. But it was the truth I swear, of course after watching him the 3rd time, his image magically transformed, as well as my eye sight. Now every picture of him, every video clip, everything about him turned to be beautiful.

Love much much!

gosijo said...

Dear H,

I'm glad you shared this love at 3rd sight and then Magic(!) phenomenon with us. For one thing, it may explain why not everyone quite 'sees' what we see. It's more than just "two eyes, one nose and a mouth" and a tall, toned body.

My theory of the day is that it's his ability to understand and portray nuances (like taking a deep breath or blinking at just the right moment) that resonates with us; that and the contrasts, for example between the focused gentleman he is and his mischievous boyish side.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for another wonderful posting. Yes, I agree with all the fans who commented here and more.. he has strange magnetic magic power to draw us to HRH.

I can not shake him off from my mind and therefore, I think of him all the time. It's strange, isn't it?


HeippieH said...

Dear Gosijo,

Sorry for being so late replying. It's interesting that you mentioned HRH being good at understanding and portraying nuances. Precisely! He is so good at calculating and maneuvering those nuances. I think he has been too smart on doing that, which caused me to fall in a state of awe like what I am today for almost 4 years!

There are so many "features" of him that made him so lovable to us, I think he made us "like" him first, because of his looks, and his charming personality, and later on, for most of his fans, it is the fans who made the decision to love him and support him.

HeippieH said...

Dear byjblobal,

I found it strange too, not a day I don't think of him, even when I am extremely busy and stressed out. He gives me joy and hope. Don't know why, that's why I am still wondering about how I got into this state till now, I really ask myself everyday on how and why and what took me here ... guess one day I'll figure it out ...

Enjoy while you are happy ...

流浪的小猪 said...

Hy Heippieh,

Reading this article really reminds me myself of how I began to love BYJ. Like you, I have never been interested in any actor ever in my life, but BYJ--he's gorgeous!!! Hotelier is also the very first korean drama I saw, and I loved him since then, and it may be quite crazy, but that is the reason, at least a main reason I did MBA and do M&A~ Haha!

Don't really have time to search too much information online everywhere, but his pictures are everywhere in my room~Thank you guys so much updating his news!

Take care,

HeippieH said...

Dear Sally, (流浪的小猪 ),

Nice meeting you. Shake hands and huggies! I went to your blog, it looks interesting. So you are finished with your MBA, are you a M&A specialist just like Frank? Wow, how handsome! I meant both Frank and you! A woman M&A specialist, must be challenging, yet charming. Wish you success in what you are doing. I am an electronics engineer. I love my job, but ever since I got to know BYJ, I found myself not as dedicated as before. I hope you are not affect as much as I am.

Keep in touch, thanks for dropping by.


流浪的小猪 said...

Hehe, I haven't got chance to deal with my blog since I was back from Japan last year:P I just finished my MBA at the end of January, doing some M&A stuff now, but of course way too far from the level of "Frank"...struggling now though~Life is busy and hard, but just by thinking of BYJ, I will feel fine--that's my major motivation, hehe~

Keep in touch, my email:


Take care,