Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Art of Negotiation - Nice Try Sikini!

Episode 4.5 and 5 are my favorite so far. Love to see how Sikini (SNK) and Damdeok (DD) met and the naughty interactions between the two, especially about money...

Isn't SKN something, she dare to negotiate with our prince DD persistently, well only before she realized that he was a prince. So our fearless SKN hopped on the cart with our prince. She is definitely over-acting on leaning against our prince, just to make us feel more jealousy.

After some struggling with her "first assault", our prince wanted to know "who was behind it?" (The Yellow team hired some rascals to poison Black teams horses). SKN, who makes a living on negotiation, wouldn't let out the answer so easily ...

"Three Liangs!" (Liang was an ancient measure of silver), that's the price she asked...

What?! The prince was puzzled.

This information worths 5 Liangs I told ya ...

But I'll give you a discount ...

Three Liangs, OKay? Three Liangs!

Nice try SNK, our prince is not that easy to be fooled.


jaime said...

Hi hi dear h,

love your post! Hehe, I don't mind Sujini negotiating w/ our prince. What I can't stand is that she's all over different body parts of our handsome prince. So envious of her eyes, nose, hands and fingers! :)

love ... jaime

hope you'll keep sharing your thoughts w/ us.

HeippieH said...

I know what you mean, Jaime, EJA sure took full advantage of performing Sikini chasing our prince, but I guess she only got 1-2 episodes to enjoy that, naturally over-acting a bit is understandable. Hehe..


MYMY said...

hehe damdeok asked if she dont have s pride...
answer: no
do you do anything for money?
answer: yes
(lol )/
suzeeny is so funny also in ep 7...
btw, there is a rerun today. 13:10 ep 6.
14:15 ep 7!
25 mininutes to go!
m(_ _)m

vegasbyj said...

Hi H!

Love what you have done here! You are also so creative!

I'm so happy to see your posts again. Have missed your posts, but certainly understand how busy you have been. No worries. It's just wonderful to read your thoughts.

take care and i can't wait for your next post (no pressure- no rush!)

Anonymous said...

Dear H

I'm so happy to see your posting again.

You know I was enjoying your writing so much that I advertised to many of my friends, then you stopped for a long long time, but you came back. Thanks


HeippieH said...

Dear mymy, vegas and byjglobal,

Sorry for coming back on this too late. Today is it very windy, feel the winter is coming. Yesterday it rained all day. Kids are our, finally got some time for myself. Thank you all for dropping by and glad you enjoy the TWSSG, happy viewing.