Friday, September 28, 2007

The Art of Negotiation - Let's Have Some Fun

Dear MyMy, vegasbyj, byjglobal and all my sisters here,

Thank you so much for dropping by and making comments here. Sorry for being away for a while, I have been enjoying so much with TWSSG viewing, that got much less time recording my own thoughts. Let's enjoy this intriguing drama all together. There are so much that I want to blog about the interesting parts of TWSSG, the negotiation episodes are one of them. Let's see what Sukini is up to this time around ...

Being raised among all men in Geomool Village since her infancy, Suzinee was an all boy and all girl at the same time. I guess it is fair to say that she was a townboy before she met our charming prince, and after she fell in love with him, she became a perfect combination of the all_boy+all_girl. At this moment in episode 4.5, she was still a fearless naughty townboy. After failing the first round of tricking money from our prince Damdeok, she came up with this strategy ...

Want me to bring you to a fun place?

If you lend me money,

I can earn you five times as much.

Let's go to the Da-re's night bar.

Don't know about the Da-re's?

Hah! I think we have a nerd here ....

The women there are great! Even if I am also a girl, they look gorgeous to me.

Our prince Damdeok was thinking "What the heck, does she know what she is saying?"

How about that? Let's go. It's not far from here. Just over there.

You should go to the mountain to catch a tiger. You should go up to the sky to get a star. You should go to a proper place to meet beauties.

Hey, be careful not to look like a nerd.

If they found out that you are a newcomer, they will boil your backbone and make soup.

Now here she comes "I'm still worried. Give it to me."

Damdeok puzzled again "What?"

"Your pouch!", she ordered.

DD: Oh, my pouch...

SZN: I will keep it for you.

"Really? Now I see..." our prince realized what she was up to...

Not that easy Suzinee, hee hee ... Got to be more inventive next time ...


Anonymous said...

hi hi!
not sure if sujini is really a tomboy bec in the match she was so in love w/ hogae before she knew waht a cheater he is...
haha, im worried about sujeeny maybe she is sick mentally, :p
1.) she talks alot when she is alone
2.) she is an alcaholic
3.)etc etc etc
hehe, but i love her character
thanks h!

HeippieH said...

Dear mymy, got your point, I like her a lot, she brings so much joy to the serious life, she was lost until she finds her destiny with Jushin King our HRH. Looking forward to the next few episodes on how their relationship goes. Happy viewing!