Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Poem

Latest news: Pope just left New York, He is in. Happy to think that we are breathing the same air, watching the same sunrise and the same moonlight in the same time zone (Thank you Gosijo for expressing it so nicely). Heard there will be bae fans gathering at the airport to greet him. I am happy that he has an "extended" family that makes sure he is always greeted by someone when landing at any airport in the world.

Some sisters are having April snow this year in Canada, even in Vancouver as Coco reported. Isn't is rare to see snow in Vancouver? Isn't it super rare to see snow in April in Vancouver? Isn't it because our HRH is stepping on the North American ground? Well while he is walking on the American ground at the east coast, the west coast is echoing with pure white snows. Generally speaking, on the east coast, we are having sunshines, blooming flowers, chirping birds, a beautiful spring to welcome our prince. A poetic April for he is here!

The joys of having children is that one will never stop having fun of learning new things. One of the things I learned recently is that April is American's National Poetry Month. Excuse my ignorance, I just got to know there is a "National Poetry Month" through my 6-grade boy. Looking back a month, now I started to see why he got a language art writing project starting in March creating, designing, assembling a booklet of 8 self-composed poems.

One March day at one of our afternoon piano lessons, while it was the time for the older boy to having lessons, the younger one would do his homework, and that day he was staring at the picturesque scene through the sizable window of our teacher's house situated in a peaceful woods, and murmuring out the words like "nature's flawless beauties...". I was thinking, wow! what poem is he making? This sure sounds like describing our prince ...

Weeks later, when in the early April, his poem booklet was back, with teacher's comment "I love it" and a full mark on the poem of which I heard ... "Nature's flawless beauties..." I was curious to see what he wrote. There I found the page that holds that little poem, with his hand-drawn illustrations.

Naturally I asked him, why was the poem written in a staggered way. Then one more thing I found that I learned was - this poem's style is called "stair peom", in which you are required to write the poems in stair forms, one line beneath the other, each line shifted left to make up a four level stairs. The first line is a summary of the object. The second line is where and/or when about the object, the third line has to consist 3 adjectives describing the object, and the last line will be the name of the object. My son, growing up and fascinated with woods, wrote these little verses:

(I have a hard time to format it correctly as it should be in the stair poem format. This is the best I can do with this blogger. Just imagine that it is in the format as illustrated in the above picture.)

Wondrous Woods

Nature's Flawless Beauties
In parks and forests, year round
Majestic, Lofty, Ancient

It's a simple poem, but somehow it sticks to my mind. The more I think about it, the more I am feeling it was written to my prince HRH. The more I savor on it, the more I think about HRH and tend to do a little mod to suit my feelings:

Marvelous Man

Nature's Flawless Beauty
In image, in voice, in spirit
Majestic, Lofty, Timeless

Thinking one step further, I tend to connect the trees in son's poem with our HRH in the mod version. In my mind, BYJ is just like a unique tree we found in the woods, a tree that we decided to give extra care for, a tree that we watch intently, to anticipate it growing healthily, happily, prosperously. Our love is like the soil, that the tree draws strength, courage, inspiration from.

Thinking one step backwards, I recall an old post I did for the book I read "The Little Prince". In there you'd read the Little Prince has a special rose to take care of. Here I realize that I have a special tree - BYJ.


gosijo said...

Hi h,

I saw your post on KOB and added a comment there.

Please be well...

HeippieH said...

Dear gosijo,

Thank you for the note. I am doing ok, just as busy and tired as usual.

Please take care,

jaime said...

my dearest h,

How precious to read about this beautiful post and poems! Your little prince is so sensitive and sweet, I can only attribute this to the good genes and the loving care from his mother.

You are so right, we are the rich soil under the special tree BYJ. We provide the nutrients of love to him so he can flourish and outgrow others in the forest. We are inconspicuous and unimportant, but we all have the same wish - is for our tree to be the center of attention.

Oh h, I really admire you as I know that you are very strong, intelligent and sensible, yet you have this sensitive and artistic side in you that only reveals itself when you are not under stress of work. Please relax and take care of yourself! Give your little prince a hug from auntie jaime!

love ,.. jaime

bdpyj said...

Hi H.,

I'm really moved by your post and the poems your son wrote and through your mod, not just for the literally "Flawless Beauties" but also for the beautiful feelings embedded.
Also I'm amazed by your son's talent.
Thank you.


HeippieH said...

Hi My Dear Jaime,

And "auntie jaime" from my little prince, heehee...

You are so good at making people smile, I am always embarrassed at your praise. This is just a little simple poem a simple child made, a simple mom adapted with her crazy thoughts, who made her crazy? heehee... it's the you-know-who, now we are calling it a tree, sigh, crazy, if it is a real tree, at least I can lean on it and my little son and lie under its shade and have a good rest.

Now I am really tensed up with the work, only the world of you-know-who can give me some pleasant down time to release the stress from work, also give me a colorful life.

Thank you for always being there, supporting, loving, making us laugh. Hugs and lots of love!

HeippieH said...

Hi Hi Dear bdpyj,

Nice to see you here! And nice to see you and talk to you a couple of weeks ago with Sharon. It was such a nice experience! We met the first time but we chatted like we knew each other for years, all because of this special prince HRH.

Thank you for your nice words, the feeling of the tree was sparkled during our talk, isn't it? I truly wish this tree keep growing healthily, straightly, happily, strongly. As Jaime put it so nicely, flourish and outgrow among the forest of all the trees.

Thank you for the translation work you are persistently doing on baidu.


Anonymous said...

Hi H, gosijo and jaime!

Please forgive me for being so tardy in seeing this and replying -- I just love this, dear H! What a beautiful way to describe how we all love him so much.

Your son't poem is amazing, esp for a boy in Grade 6, I'm sure you must be very proud of him!

Thank you always, for sharing your thoughts with us!

love to you all,

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear coco,

Please don't apologize, we all know how busy you are. I hope all is well with you, your health, your work, your life. I am also very busy with kids and work and house work, enjoying every moment with kids. This weekend they are away, I started feeling lost and can not imagine what my life will be when they are gone out to the world. I hope by then we are still around to care about each other and HRH.