Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Art of Negotiation - The Real Deal

All the previous negotiation sessions lead to this one, the one that is so brief but impressive. I still could not get over this tiny negotiation episode, partly because our prince looked so cool. It's amazing that our HRH can produce so many varying images in different hair styles and apparel., and emit various charms.

Oh, you should already realize that our HRH would have a scene to carry someone on his back in almost every drama he played. This time, it's the Black team whom he came to help. A couple of the key players got stabbed by the assassinates sent by the Yellow team.

Damdeok: Are you okay?

Damdeok: Let’s go to the doctor, can you walk? (I'll carry you to the doctor's ...)

The Black team leader refuse to be seen by the doctor since they would lose the right to play the game the next day if they were known to be injured.

Can't see the doctors, but they are heavily bleeding ... at this urgent moment, Damdeok thought about Kiha who knows the magic of healing ...

Damdeok turned to Suzinee ...

Damdeok: Can you get a horse for me?

I can't get my eyes off his face, manly mesmerizing when he is sweatingly serious!

Szni: Three ryangs (dollars) for a day. (Want to get a horse from me? There is a price, your highness prince!)

In such an emergency, Suzinee still remembered to negotiate with our prince ... what a fearless stubborn girl!

Szni: One extra ryang for the night.

(No discount for you! Again Your highness prince!)

Damdeok: Two ryangs!

Our prince quickly came back with a counter offer.

(Even though I am a prince, I stand firm for a fair negotiation!)

This girl is really something, what else can I say? Sigh ...

The first real deal between Damdeok and Suzinee was finally reached, wonder if this is the last ...


gosijo said...

Wow, dear H! This series is a real gem! Love your choice of focus and your comments!

Yep, yep, that wind-blowing-in-the-hair thing in "Damdeok for Suzinee" was something else!

Me too, I'm so glad to see you're back to blogging, although I know you've been extremely busy lately.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

jaime said...

my dearest h,

Like gosijo, I am so pleasantly surprised to find that you have been blogging this series of Negotiation. What a great topic, h! I truly enjoy the scenes that you picked and your amusing writeup on how Damdeok and Sujini are thinking at that moment. They make a really cute couple, right?

Thanks h, please continue this great series, I enjoy every single one of them. Some of the dialogues are so new to me as I haven't watched them w/ any subtitles yet.

I gather you are a dedicated TWSSG fan, eh?

love ... jaime

vegasbyj said...

Dear H,

It's so good to see your posts!!
I love your "take on things" - really creative and witty. The pictures you post along with the dialogue - RIGHT ON!

Looking forward to more from you as the drama continues.

Take care and have a great weekend!

"DAMSU" - Dam deok + Sujini = DAMSU
(fans at soompi have come up with this one)

HeippieH said...

Hi Hi Dear Gosijo, I love your term "wind-blowing-in-the hair", so cute! phooeewww, our prince is so cooool ^_^ . HRH is a true gem in this world, unceasingly gives our lucky eyes and minds abundant feast. Happy viewing!

HeippieH said...

My Dear Jaime, I am becoming a fan of TWSSG, the storyline is good, the dialog is interesting, the actors/actresses are professional, some of them are quite charming. But our HRH is the bestest! I especially love when he is so serious, like a real king. I do think Damdok and Suzinee will make a nice couple, but what happens to the love between Damdok and Kiha, it is sad to see the two are in love and suffer. Am I worring too much? Am I too involved into the drama? I wish when you are settled, you get to enjoy this drama. With translations, you'll enjoy it better. Love you and take care, take it easy you lucky girl!

HeippieH said...

Hi Dear Vegas! So nice to hear from you. Did they make you laugh? They are so cute, Suzinee will be a great aid to Damdeok, so people call them DAMSU, haha... I guess they are the best couple HRH ever made, haha... I love to see him so amused and happy when she is around, that's a perfect partner, companion our prince need for his lifetime. Am I too crazy about the drama again? I think I am.

I am looking forward to more amusing exchanges between DAMSU, somehow our prince turned into a king and he is more interested in directing the battle now, his strategy is such a higher math, that it is quite hard to feel funny about it, to a leisure-fun-seeking little mind of me, I am spending most of my spare time trying to come up to speed on it ... heehee...