Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Art of Negotiation - How about the Fortune Telling?

Suzinee finally convinced our Damdeok to visit her master Hyni for a "consultation" on whether the black team will win. Master Hyongo's day job is performing fortune-telling. I don't think our prince is so desperate to win the bet on the game, rather he is quite amused by this jocose girl's funny tricks on the quest of money. This part of message exchanges made me chuckle ...

Szni: You can trust him, master.

Hyn: For what?

Szni: For money.

Hyn: Oh, does he have plenty?

Szni: It seams so. (Suzinee has been witnessing, sniffing and chasing that pouch of silvers for quite a while)

Hyn: Oh, then... (Ah, then we are in serious business here ... )

Hyon-go prompt our prince to pick a fortune stick from the cup.

Dmdk: Me? (Our prince is quite amused)

Hyn: Choose one.

Damdeok picked one.

Szni: Black! (You see, I told ya it would be black team!)

Hyn: The winner will be the Black team, as revealed here.
Don't tell anyone about this. The one who breaks the secret of the heaven shall be punished. The fee for the fortune telling is two dollars.

Dmdk: Two dollars ? ... (Huh, that's what you wanted girl ...)

Szni: Yes, two dollars.

Our prince threw out 2 dollars meanwhile quickly grabbed the cup full of fortune-telling sticks.

Dmdk : They are all black !!! (Apparently all the sticks in the cup were marked black)

Both Hyon-go and Suzinee jumped up to cover our prince's mouth. I consider Suzinee an extremely extraordinarily lucky girl who got all kinds of opportunities to get "physical" with our prince. Tsk Tsk ...

Suzinee finally made two dollars out of our prince, nice job girl! But we have to make it clear that our prince has never been fooled. His handling of Suzinee's tricks was so witty and humorous.


vegasbyj said...


It's wonderful to read your post today. You are also very witty and I enjoyed what you have posted!

I do hope you and yours are keeping well! All ok here!

I look forward to more of your posts. Keep 'em coming!


HeippieH said...

Hi Dear vegas, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your encouragement. I am fine, just came back from a week long biz trip, being a week from viewing TWSSG, now I am getting more hooked. I want to get all these previously planned postings out so that I can concentrate on daily life and work tomorrow.

Good to know your life is going well, love you and take good care!

Anonymous said...

hi hi again!
hehe, remember HE is HER BOSS!!!
haha, (BOF) lucky girl

HeippieH said...

Oh Yah Dear mymy, how wondrous it is to have a HRH BOSS, and she is a great actor too, our HRH has very good vision and taste to pick the good actors and actresses. Wonder how the "real" deal went when Sujini (Ejier) joined BOF, haahaa...

Anonymous said...

haha, me too i wonder!
ejiah have a gothic fashin on real lyfe so i think it was quite interesting...
have nice week!